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Anaretic Saturn in Aquarius 2023

First, let’s consider the energy of Saturn. Saturn is the planet of lessons, and is restrictive in nature. We can feel like we have less options when Saturn gets involved, which can be frustrating, but can also clarify as we have less to sift through.

With Saturn anaretic, this can be heightened. We’re extra restricted, extra limited, and extra frustrated. Responsibilities may weigh very heavily on us, and this can be frustrating and overwhelming. 

We may want to run, get as much space as we can, but this usually creates more problems. We shouldn’t act impulsively and give in to the restrictive feelings of Saturn. Instead, we need to power through it, and try to find small amounts of space within the existing structures, and work on getting to the core problems.

There is likely an important lesson that needs to be learned; this may be a collective lesson, something we need to learn on a mass scale since we’re all feeling this. We need to be more responsible and ethical in some way, more considerate and willing to do hard things.

Then, we consider the energy of Aquarius. Aquarius rules groups and the masses, so this seems to add to the idea that we collectively have something to learn. Will we learn this the easy way, or the hard way? I think we know the way humans usually choose!

There could be an incident, some sort of event, involving a big group, that leads to major change or a shift in perspective somehow, so that’s something to be mindful of during this period.

Aquarius rules the future and is a tech ruler. This may not be a great period for the tech industry (mind your investments!), and we can see more tech problems emerging, in the industry itself, but also things like shutdowns, hacks, etc. 

The future can be especially on our minds, and we may focus on what challenges we currently need to work through in order to create the future we dream of. We may want to launch into the future too quickly, and need to accept that it’s a series of steps along a journey that gets us there, and not one big leap.

Aquarius rules individuality, the unconventional, the different, and change, since it’s naturally ruled by Uranus. This means we can push the boundaries a little bit, get outside of our comfort zones, or feel challenged to do so. This isn’t a time to be meek and timid. It’s a time to be loud!

Saturn will be anaretic in Aquarius February 26th to March 7th 2023, which is when Saturn enters Pisces, so this is only 10 days. But it can be a big 10 days!

Pluto is also anaretic at the same time, but in Capricorn. This means we have some seriously massive energy right now challenging us in so many ways, and we need to make sure we’re being mindful of our actions and decisions, and careful with our approach.

Pluto is going to enter Aquarius, so hopefully, we’ve taken the time to learn the necessary lessons with Saturn in Aquarius. That can make Pluto in Aquarius easier, at least at the onset. If we haven’t learned, we may become aware of what we need to do now.

Also take note if you have anything at the anaretic degree in your natal chart, so anything at 29 degrees of any Zodiac sign. That is lit up by Saturn and Pluto! Make sure you’re tending to whatever the planet or body rules, and working to improve, change, and embrace.

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