You are currently viewing New Moon 1º Pisces Feb 20-26, 2023 – Member’s Report

New Moon 1º Pisces Feb 20-26, 2023 – Member’s Report

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New Moon 1º Pisces Feb 20-26, 2023 – Member’s Report


〰️  Turning point 〰️

New Moon Sabian Symbol: A Squirrel Hiding from Hunters
Keynote: The individual’s need both to ensure their future subsistence and to protect him/herself from aggressive social elements.

This month marks the turning point not only of the yearly cycle of the Sun through the zodiac, but many longer cycles like those of Saturn, now leaving Aquarius after more than two years, and Pluto leaving Capricorn after more than fourteen years. Astrology reminds us over and over that there is no end but that every ending leads to a new beginning. So, this month’s transition will entail letting go of what once was viable, healthy, and sustaining but is no longer, while also actively birthing new, as yet unknown, pathways forward to the future.

As human beings who inevitably become emotionally attached to people, places, positions, beliefs, and things (to name a few), letting go is often more challenging than beginning anew. Our conscious egos exist within this 3D polarized, dualistic world and therefore place value judgments on our experiences which can affect our ability to love ourselves (through our so-called successes) or condemn ourselves (through our so-called failures). We experience people (death, divorce, children leaving home), places (jobs, homes, countries), and things (money, valued possessions) leaving our “sphere of influence” as “losses,” while the addition of new people (babies, new love), places (new job, home, country) and things (more money and new possessions) as “gains.” 

Therefore, this will be a month of both endings and new beginnings, gains and losses, victories and defeats, all coinciding in different realms of our lives. The events and changes will be dramatic, some sudden, some forced, and some voluntary, but there will be an overall feeling in the collective consciousness of uneasy catharsis, “What the @#$%!” “What next?” and “What Now?” These feelings are reflected in two additional Sabian symbols, that of the Full Moon (A volcanic eruption) and that of the Sun conjunct Neptune (Pisces 25), which both use the word “catharsis” to describe the evolutionary processes occurring.

Catharsis: “1. A purifying or figurative cleansing of emotions, especially pity and fear, described by Aristotle as an effect of tragic drama on its audience. 2. A release of emotional tension, as after an overwhelming experience, that restores or refreshes the spirit.”

This purifying/release is associated with Pisces (Virgo), where this new Moon, Sun/Mercury/Neptune conjunction is happening, and where Saturn will be located beginning March 7 (for the next three years). In addition to all these symbols of ending, finishing, closing, completing, and resolving, we have a Venus/Jupiter/Chiron conjunction occurring in Aries, signaling tremendous healing, restoration, and reinvigoration happening, most strongly from February 26 to March 8 (using a 5º orb for Venus). While Venus is passing by rapidly, Jupiter is conjunct with Chiron for the entire month, being exact on March 11.

To me, the best way to handle this energy is to deeply feel into ourselves instantaneously and tap into our gut reaction to news, events, and conversations, to either embrace or release them according to what we instinctively feel before the head kicks in with responses, ramifications, observations, future scenarios, what others will say, etc., etc., etc. This is the healing of the wound of Chiron in Aries that is highlighted this month, reestablishing the core union of ourselves with the One. We are One with the One, not seeking redemption but purging and releasing all notions of separation as we realize that there is only one Will, the will to evolve consciousness, and that our will is not separate from Divine Will, a powerful emotional/spiritual healing can occur even amid tremendous, cathartic change.

The One, Source, Creator Spirit, or whatever name you choose, witnesses Itself expand and evolve through us. Evolution is self-discovery, and as we discover new aspects, talents, capacities, ideas, etc., we evolve, thus evolving the One. We can find new strengths, desires, weaknesses, genius, and more within ourselves through a job, relationship, economic, physical, social, governmental expansion, or crisis. In some ways, perhaps the universe doesn’t care as it is all temporary from a soul perspective.

May this month be a deep, soul-healing experience for you as you realize yourself as an immortal spiritual being rather than just another “bag of bones.”

So Much Love,

Monday, February 20

Venus enters Aries! Mercury sextiles Chiron while the Moon sextiles Uranus and squares Mars after she visited the Sun.

It’s a feisty day! A good day for new beginnings, optimism, and putting yourself out there. Luck is on your side today if you’re ready to take advantage of the opportunities at hand.

Tuesday, February 21

Mercury, moving faster than ever, squares Uranus today. La Luna, moving through Pisces, sextiles Uranus, squares Mars, and has a chat with Neptune before sextiling Pluto.

It is as if the Moon, reinvigorated by the Sun, is spreading the enchantment and excitement of dreams wanting birth. This is a great day to pick up a paintbrush, musical instrument or just dance! Take time out to connect with the Divine and realize there is so much more than what meets the eye.

Wednesday, February 22

After squaring Uranus, Mercury hands the baton of lightning to Mars with a good third quarter (270 degrees) square. After entering Aries, la Luna joins up with Venus, Jupiter, and then Chiron.

It is as if the Moon is carrying the message of awakening to Spirit over to Venus, Jupiter, and Chiron, who are beginning to gather for the sacred healing on the horizon. This is a day to trust yourself, your instincts, and your excitement to move forward, even in the midst of what might scare or stop others. Be a spiritual warrior!

Thursday, February 23

La Luna sextiles Mercury, Mars, and Saturn before coming into a square with Pluto.

The main thing for today is to be aware of your power and your impact on others. Using your energy to help and assist without falling into the role of rescuer will keep you on course. Listen closely while charging forward with your firm will forces today as you can gather others to help rather than alienate them.

Friday, February 24

La Luna enters Taurus and sextiles the Sun.

It’s time to ground. Restore your vital energy today after the last few days of go, go, going. Slow down, and maybe take some alone time to listen to the silence. Get a massage or massage someone else and feel the wisdom of your body.

Saturday, February 25

La Luna conjuncts Uranus, squares Mercury, and sextiles Neptune.

Today can be a bit emotional, and you may not have the patience to deal with others’ attitudes, observations, or criticism. It may be best to stay calm, knowing that the universe is sending you some new signals that, while they may appear or sound strange, will be beneficial if heeded.

Sunday, February 26

La Luna sextiles Neptune, squares Saturn, and trines Pluto before leaving Taurus for the high winds of Gemini.

It’s time to take the initiative and distribute the wisdom, dreams, and visions you’ve received to others. Don’t take blocks or stops as signs you are on the wrong path or in the wrong place. Instead, you need to persist, build character, and consciously continue to build, making your dreams a reality.

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