You are currently viewing Pisces New Moon Conjunct Saturn: February 16-28 2023 Astrology Forecast

Pisces New Moon Conjunct Saturn: February 16-28 2023 Astrology Forecast

A Pisces New Moon conjunct Saturn, arriving soon after the Sun enters Pisces, highlights the second half of February. The rest of the month is marked by meaningful non-Ptolemaic aspects: Jupiter quintile Pluto, Venus quintile Mars, and a Saturn-Chiron semi-square lasting over a year!

This forecast covers this half-month’s most important astrological events. Also check out my award-winning This Week in Astrology audio podcast and YouTube video forecasts!

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As of February 16 …

The Moon is waning (there was a Leo Full Moon on 2/5).

There are no retrograde planets or continuing aspect patterns.

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2/16 (Thu)

The Sun and Saturn conjoin today at 27°44′ Aquarius. To learn more about how to work with this Sun-Saturn conjunction, see my New Moon forecast on 2/20.

2/18 (Sat)

Pisces GlyphThe Sun enters Pisces at 5:34 pm EST. To learn how to work with this energy for the next month, see the first two paragraphs of my New Moon forecast on 2/20.

2/20 (Mon)

Pisces New Moon Conjunct Saturn

2023 02 20 New MoonThere’s a New Moon at 2:06 am EST (1°22′ Pisces). Any Pisces New Moon is ideal for new beginnings or kick starts in the areas of spiritual awakening practices, receiving and expressing inspired creativity, and living in flow state. This fresh energy also supports conscious dreaming and dream interpretation.

Be careful that this New Moon doesn’t tempt you to dive deeper into Pisces’ darker expressions. These include substance abuse, addiction, and excessive escapism, as well as aimless drifting and playing the victim.


This New Moon only has one significant aspect: a tight conjunction with Aquarian Saturn.

This has significant upside potential! First off, it’s fabulous for Law of Attraction work. Pisces supports visualization and imagination, while Saturn excels at crystallization and manifestation.

Pisces supports spiritual awakening, but with Saturn it can help you sustain embodied awakening. With Saturn in quantum leap Aquarius, breakthroughs into deeper level of consciousness can happen quickly! (For a fast and easy way to maintain embodied awakening, check out my free Embodied Awakening Invocation.

There’s even a third way to work with Saturn conjunct the Pisces New Moon: conscious dissolution. Get in gear to release whatever no longer serves your highest good!

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2/23 (Thu)

Saturn Semi-Square Chiron

Don’t be surprised if old traumas get triggered as Saturn semi-squares Chiron (28°34′ Aquarius-13°34′ Aries). A semi-square is only a minor hard aspect, but it packs a punch when it connects such potent planets!

This aspect also has plenty of staying power. It came into orb (close enough to energetically connect) on 1/6/23, and stays in orb for over a year – through 1/14/24!

Since challenging emotions might arise, have a quick and effective shadow work technique ready. My free Healing Invocation has helped thousands do their psychological healing surprisingly fast, and with almost no effort!

This semi-square can also help you be structured and serious when you’re giving or receiving healing or sage advice.

2/24 (Fri)

Let your muse amp up your inspired creativity as Venus quintiles Mars (5°28′ Aries-17°28′ Gemini). This magical aspect can also bestow you with new relationship insights or juice up your creative writing!

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2/26 (Sun)

Jupiter Quintile Pluto

Stay open to inspiration on how to amplify your wealth and power as Jupiter quintiles Pluto (11°26′ Aries-29°26′ Capricorn)! This auspicious connection came into orb on 2/4 and lasts through 3/18. You might also get insights on how to release or transform anything in your life that isn’t fully optimized.

All of the prior interpretations are based on Jupiter affecting Pluto. if we flip it around, Pluto can supercharge Jupiterian activities such as higher education, wisdom-giving, or anything relating to foreign travel or cultures. This quintile can also power up your pursuits into philosophy, religion, or the meaning of life. Or you could just throw a party and celebrate!

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