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WITCH TIPS & HOROSCOPES 2/15~21/2023 — The Hoodwitch

The week ahead brings shake-ups and intensity to our lives. Venus connects with Neptune in Pisces on February 15 and Pluto in Capricorn on February 19, intensifying relationships. Mercury unites with Saturn in Aquarius and squares the Nodes of Destiny on February 16, pushing us to make decisions around commitments. Then, Mercury harmonizes with Jupiter in Aries on February 17, adding optimism and excitement our way. Mercury shares a fraught aspect with Uranus in Taurus on February 21, allowing the unpredictable to happen. Don’t react before knowing the facts on the 21st. The Sun swims into Pisces on February 18, heightening our emotions, imagination, and intuition. The New Moon in Pisces and Venus’s entrance into Aries occur on February 20, giving us a fresh start to attain our goals.  

Witchtip: Being that the celestial temperature is very frenetic, a cleansing spell for our homes is necessary. Take a spray bottle and add a few drops of rosemary, mint, or lavender essential oil, 1 part water, a splash of vinegar, and 1 part witch hazel. Shake the bottle to blend. Spray in the corners of your home to get rid of negative or residual energy with the windows open. This will create a positive vibe in your dwelling. 

Allowing life to flow to you is truly what brings forth the most delightful treasures. Instead of trying to control everything, give matters less attention in order for it to be resolved without an emotional attachment. Give situations the freedom and flexibility to grow in their natural form this week.

There is a strong sense of compassion as mind-expanding experiences that are propelling you on a journey, which challenges your relationships. Your partnerships will get the tests of time as well, but all the more for you to truly understand why you are brought to another in the first place.

You’ve always been great at bringing people together to work on various projects. You might have a side hustle that’s starting to turn into a full-fledged business that requires their insight. Having different perspectives can give your company a unique appeal that transcends time and reflects the state of the collective.

You are the glue that holds your family together. Therefore, this is a very important week for you in which you can see how much you mean to your loved ones. There is a strong emphasis on compassion and kindness that inspires you to aid them on a daily basis.

This is a time for your sign to be truly courageous in your actions. You have to fully trust yourself through the shifts and changes as the cosmic forces provide you with several circumstances to show your stuff. Believe in yourself throughout the emotional ups and downs that this week brings.

In your efforts to please others, you are putting your needs second — which isn’t fair to you. Honor your feelings and take a stand. Do not let people take advantage of you. The amount of energy you give out to others is the same that you should be receiving.

You have a lot of action happening throughout the entire week. Your keen intelligence helps get you through almost anything you set your mind to. Your innate ability to size up a situation will help a lot of people in your community evolve and grow when they seek your wisdom.

There are many emotional breakthroughs surfacing around you making it difficult to separate your work and personal life. There is a shift that is happening in your psyche this week that allows you to take on a new perspective despite another individual’s inability to fully discern through their own particular behaviorisms.

Your colleagues might try to take advantage of your efforts. Ensure this isn’t a continuous occurrence by setting boundaries with them. It’s extremely important for you to ask why you have let this happen in the past, and how you can put a stop to the pattern that currently exists. 

There can be competitiveness mixed in throughout the week. Stay focused. You might get a little shade thrown on you over the weekend. But, it’s just projections from those who are copying your ideas. Remember that imitation is m the greatest form of flattery, but you are the real deal.

You have to push forward through the changes which might feel difficult mid-week. Once you take a step back and assess matters, you can make the right decisions and choices for yourself. Then, you’ll realize that you have all the tools at your fingertips to succeed. You got this, Aquarius!

This is an extremely enlightening week for you, Pisces. The only challenge you will have to face in the current moment is the possibility of letting go of your preconceived notions about what success is supposed to look like. You are changing the game and giving it a new name.

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