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your forecast Feb. 17th…

A warm hello.

There’ll be significant energy shifts in the next 7 days:

The Sun will move into Pisces, the New Moon will fall in Pisces with the Sun and Neptune, and Venus will move into Aries, joining Jupiter.

What does all this mean?
Let’s look at these trends individually.

The Sun moving into Pisces points to increasing input and action with a situation or undertaking you’re emotionally engaged in.

The New Moon with the Sun and Neptune in Pisces promises a meaningful but subtle new beginning – a development that will grow.

Venus joining Jupiter in Aries will bring passionate go ahead trends in a relationship.

   Stepping back into a situation, task or routine will bring an echo of the past in the coming weeks, it may tie you down but there’ll be a familiarity about this and you’ll have plenty of experience to draw upon.   The New Moon with the Sun and Neptune in Pisces could bring a fresh momentum towards a long-term goal, a new take on an old problem, a new family commitment or domestic project could also grow.   Romance is in the air – there’ll be romantic interludes and more passion in your love-life; Singles an exciting encounter could launch a new involvement.
TAURUS.   You’ll share more with others in the coming weeks – family members, your friends and associates, and a new group of people or someone special you’re keen to get to know; you’ll also pour energy into fun things and special personal things you want to do, all of which will add a lot of joy to your life.   The New Moon with the Sun and Neptune in Pisces could sow the seeds of a new friendship, romance or fun plans for the future.   Reconnecting with someone you’ve been missing may be quite emotional!
GEMINI.   In the coming weeks, a new job, ambitious project on the job or an ambitious personal endeavour will put you through your paces.   The New Moon in Pisces, with the Sun and Neptune, will thrust the reins of this into your hands – you’ll need to give of your best to bring it to fruition, it may also be a launching pad for exciting endeavours in the future.   A providential or joyful encounter, or a fun shared experience with another, will open the door for this relationship to grow.
CANCER.   Travel plans could fire your imagination in the coming weeks; it’ll take a lot of energy to bring these to fruition.   A legal matter could go well.   The New Moon with the Sun and Neptune in Pisces indicates a fresh start in a long-distance relationship; making special plans together will add new dimensions to your relationship.   A PR opportunity on the job or personally will be meaningful; the way will open to build a connection you’re keen to foster.
LEO.   In the coming weeks, there’s a growing financial accent – an expensive purchase or a new financial undertaking you’re excited about will surge ahead.   There may also be complex financial issues such as tax, super, insurance and paperwork to sort out.   The New Moon in Pisces, with the Sun and Neptune, indicates a fresh start in some way financially – a financial opportunity, a new arrangement or situation that helps you build up for the future.   A fun getaway, or fun plans with a distant loved one will be something special to look forward to.
VIRGO.   You’ll pour energy into special plans with your mate or a relative in the coming weeks and this mutual focus will build the bonds between you; you may see other sides to them along the way too.   The New Moon in Pisces, with the Sun and Neptune, indicates a fresh start in a relationship – a new connection will gather momentum or a new chapter with someone dear could unfold.   Splurging on a special outing, occasion or generous gestures will come for the heart!
LIBRA.   In the coming weeks, your involvementengagement will grow with a health or fitness pursuit, labours of love to help others, and special work projects that highlight your abilities; on different fronts you’ll be proving yourself, to you and others!  The New Moon in Pisces with the Sun and Neptune also indicates a whole new approach to these matters – you may try different ideas or techniques, or explore unusual new possibilities.   Something to celebrate with someone close will be a joyful emotional highlight.
SCORPIO.   In the coming weeks, big plans with loved ones and supporting a loved one through an important event could lift some relationships to the next level.   The New Moon with the Sun and Neptune in Pisces also indicates meaningful emotional get-togethers and special moments to share; Singles, a new romance may intrigue you.   On the job, you’ll put a lot of love into an opportunity that features your creative talents or PR abilities.
SAGITTARIUS.   In the coming weeks, home and family involvement will increase – there’ll be special family get-togethers, you’ll reconnect with relatives from afar, your place will be a meeting-point for family and friends and a family or domestic undertaking will require a big commitment.   The new Moon in Pisces, with the Sun and Neptune, points to a fresh start in your relationship with a relative or in-law, and domestic plans that have been on the drawing board for a while could suddenly take off!.   A joyful encounter, invitation or romantic plans will add to your happiness.
CAPRICORN.   An exciting personal, professional or financial project will unfold in the weeks ahead; there’ll be intriguing possibilities to investigate at every turn.   The New Moon in Pisces, with the Sun and Neptune, points to travel plans or a fun change of scene, also a new interest or study could be an absorbing learn-as-you-go experience.   A family occasion or entertaining visitors will be an opportunity to reset a relationship that’s important to you; a new domestic possession will be a joy too.
AQUARIUS.   Costly plans will gather momentum in the coming weeks; simultaneously, the chance to earn extra will unfold – you’ll be money focused because of what you want to do or achieve.   The New Moon with the Sun and Neptune in Pisces points to a new financial opportunity, venture, a new financial arrangement with another or a pleasing purchase or deal.   Reconnecting with a friend or relative you don’t see often, or a warm caring exchange with a loved one will be a joy for the heart.
PISCES.   The Sun moving into your Zodiac Sign on Sunday signals the start of Pisces astrological time; in the coming weeks, you’ll pour increasing energy into special health, personal and work endeavours that you’re keen to forge ahead with.   The New Moon with the Sun and Neptune in your Zodiac Sign should be helpful – it’ll bring an exciting personal opportunity plus a new start or situation that you welcome.   A gift from someone who cares will make a loving statement, you could also gain something beautiful or sentimental you treasure.

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