You are currently viewing Aquarius reality, Sun conjunct Saturn

Aquarius reality, Sun conjunct Saturn

It’s February 16 and after yesterdays beautiful, Psychic, compassionate, imaginative, meditative, soul mates vibes we have


Sun conjunct Saturn in Aquarius at 27/28° is a powerful wake up call.

If you have planets in late fixed signs and degrees 26-30° Taurus Leo Scorpio and Aquarius you will feel the need to build a new foundation based on personal freedom, inventive, co-operative and aligning with a high karmic evolutionary on art purpose.

Saturn is tradition and rules Aquarius traditionally. We’ve collectively been under Saturns heavy grip for almost 5 years of Saturnine rulership. It’s been hard,heavy,limiting, forcing rapid societal change, internet governance and surveillance and AI inventiveness plus cryptocurrency’s.

Look to where you need to revolution your life from the saturnine ground up.

This aspect is in place until March 6 when the sun sextiles Uranus and the last day that Saturn is in Aquarius for the next 28/29 years. Unless you want to count the New Moon in Pisces

The Sabian symbol for 28° Aquarius is

Look for signs of this spacey Aquarius energy and saturnine traditional government melding.

UFO reveals everyone?

Let me know how this heavy aspect is hitting you. Saturn is not all bad. Saturn is the builder and the architect and was originally the great mother.

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