You are currently viewing New Moon in Pisces Astrology for February 19th-25th, 2023

New Moon in Pisces Astrology for February 19th-25th, 2023

Sunday ~ This first day of Pisces cycle is either New Moon night (11:06 pm Pacific time) or the cusp of New Moon at 1 degree of Pisces. Aquarius Moon starts the day, and the Sun moved to Pisces on Saturday. Aquarius Moon features active and dynamic aspects with Mars and Uranus, possibly the two rowdiest planets. The tendency today is out with the old, in with the new, as well as to take action. New Moon may be a more auspicious time to act and initiate. Make plans today, put them in place on Monday, as long as no missed opportunity would occur. Venus and Pluto align as Venus’s last action in Pisces. This may feel meditative, compassionate, and self aware. Contemplate what to do with strong feelings and what will yield the desired outcome. The Moon meets Saturn urging long term goals and plans, and is void of course from 9:00 pm to 11:56 pm ET before moving into Pisces. New Moon happens overnight, and Venus is about to shift to Aries with similar timing. Today’s color is Pink.

Monday ~ Happy New Moon in Pisces. This is the final cycle of winter season in the northern hemisphere. New Moon is at 2:06 am ET as Moon and Sun meet, and Venus moves to Aries at 2:56 am ET. Many of us will be sleeping as these astrological shifts occur. Notice if you wake up feeling different or if the atmosphere feels different today. There are no planets significantly close to the New Moon today. Float and flow freely, feel your feelings come and go. Do something creative or vacation-like. If possible, put a long term worry aside, at least for a couple of hours. Clear your head, clean the house, perhaps enjoy some leisure time to do nothing. Today’s color is White, for New Moon. I also like Red for Venus’s move to Aries, as an alternate or companion to your white.

Tuesday ~ Pisces Moon in harmony with Uranus and square to Mars overnight, recalls these planets interacting with Sunday’s Aquarius Moon. Is it time to follow up on something from the weekend? Mercury squares Uranus also, so this planet of instigating and recreating is influential today. Uranus acts like Kali, the goddess of destruction and reimagining, so if something has to be scrapped, torn apart, and completely rethought, this is Uranus work. Mercury is the planet of plans, so these two may lead to entire changes of plans, and it’s a stubborn process (says the square). More softly, the Pisces Moon meets Neptune and aligns with Pluto for meditation, reflection, self awareness and awareness and sensitivity to others. Calm the mind and take your time. Today’s color is Blue. 

Wednesday ~ The Moon moves to Aries at 12:14 am ET after an hour void of course. Aries Moon and Venus meet for exuberance, excitement and new or renewed love. The Moon also meets Jupiter on this upbeat, hopeful and energized day. Jupiter relates to travel, higher education and opportunities. Our outlook on life could be more positive with these planets and the Moon interacting. And acting fast and with enthusiasm is in the forecast for today. Mercury and Mars add fuel to that, as they align in Aquarius/Gemini, the air signs, activating our brains for ideas, plans, and action on both. Wear Red.

Thursday ~ Aries Moon aligns with Mars, Mercury and Saturn between 4:44 am today and 1:06 am Friday.  If action is much needed and has a serious side, today could be that day. Tune into what should be taken care of and cannot be put off longer, safely or sensibly. Do the difficult thing today and seek long term, permanent type solutions. Mercury helps with inventive and visionary plans and ideas. This forecast is the same for Friday. Get something in process or finished. Draw upon courage and act with a sense of commitment. Wear Yellow.

Friday ~ Aries Moon aligns with Saturn and squares Pluto. Maybe  you didn’t want this responsibility, but someone has to be in charge. Is that someone, you? At least be self aware and in control of what you can affect, change or make happen. This may sound more like Thursday than Friday, but this week the two days run right into each other. What is the theme of this week, for you? Have you done the important thing whether it’s to take care of yourself and your own affairs or whether it’s involving others and setting things up for and with them? This is New Moon week and we are called to initiate, act and in some cases, make things right or better. At 3:29 am ET, the tone does change a bit even if we have to wrap things up this morning. The Moon moves into Taurus. Moon and Sun in Pisces connect for increased optimism, drive, confidence, and comfort at 2:02 pm. Wear Green.

Saturday ~ Taurus Moon meets Uranus at 7:25 am ET, potentially offering spark, surprise, and aha moments today. Hours later, at 7:16 pm ET, the Moon and Mercury square, and discussion, debate, and reconsiderations may come up. These two are in fixed signs, so as much as you may want to change someone’s mind or plans, it’s not likely to be easy. Give someone or something space and time rather than pushing too hard. Today’s color is Blue.

This week I’m handing the radio show over to the Mardi Gras committee 🙂 and I’ll be back on Tuesday the 28th on, 90.9 in southern/central Maine, and the app.

Happy Pisces time to you!


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