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The 3 Zodiac Signs With The Best Horoscopes On Friday, February 17, 2023

A seriousness still permeates the air on February 17, and at the same time, Mercury’s karmic union with Jupiter boosts self-confidence and allows us to stay true to the soul.  

It has been a week of extremes beginning with the loving energy of Venus and Neptune in Pisces which helped you to see your life, your relationship and even yourself in the best possible light. 

It was a rose-colored glasses moment, but it also was one that brought benefit to you because you were able to see what really matters almost creating a bubble effect. 

The feeling that nothing could go wrong because you had finally seen the truth and value in what you already had was likely burst as Saturn and the Sun moved into alignment with one another in the zodiac sign of Aquarius — an aspect that will not occur again for another thirty years.  

There is nothing like Saturn to halt the brakes on something that you were finally feeling good about. 

But while this planet is often seen as a buzzkill, that is not the true nature of Saturn

Saturn brings seriousness, but it also can bring as much abundance as Jupiter, it is that you will have to work for what you receive instead of the universe dropping a gift into your lap.  

Saturn and the Sun highlighted moments of reality this week in terms of action that you need to take, even though you have tried to convince yourself otherwise. 

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