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8 Astrology Sexual Attraction Aspects

There are many birth chart placements in astrology that can explain why certain people are attracted to you and vice versa.

For example, Venus is the planet of love, beauty and attraction, showing us what pleases us the most and where and how we find our pleasures in life, which includes partners. Venus in particular shows us what type of woman a man is attracted to.

On the other hand, the Moon reflects emotional temperament and what a person really wants on an intimate and emotional level.

Mars is also very important in terms of attraction because it rules sex. In a woman’s chart, Mars represents the type of man she will be attracted to while Jupiter plays a role in the type of person a woman looks for in a long-term, committed relationship. 

The way these and other planets interact in the chart can provide insight into when you feel sexual attraction — and to whom.

Sexual attraction aspects

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1. Mars conjunct, sextile or trine Venus

Mars conjunct, sextile or trine Venus is one of the most important aspects in terms of attraction and sexual chemistry. Mars and Venus rule the yin and the yang, and Venus typically rules women and Mars men — although this aspect can be gender-blind. 

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