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The 3 Zodiac Signs Whose Love Runs Cold During Moon Conjunct Saturn On February 19, 2023

Three zodiac signs whose love runs cold on February 19, 2023 need to prepare for today, because we have a transit in our midst, Moon conjunct Saturn, and this transit tends to bring out the chilly side to our nature.

When it comes to love and romance, this will absolutely NOT be our best day, and if we can even muster up ‘good’ feelings, we’ll be in better shape than most. Moon conjunct Saturn is the ultimate turn off, and on this day, February 19, 2023, we will feel ultimately turned off and we will go out of our way to let people know those feelings.

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Moon conjunct Saturn has a way of making us see things through the glass darkly, as its said. What starts out as a negative take on whatever is going on in our lives, rapidly morphs into unilateral decisions being made and cold shoulders being given. We choose to do things without the consent or appreciation of our romantic partners today, because during this bold and toxic transit, we simply do not care. In other words, our love has run cold.

So, for the three zodiac signs who will react the strongest to Moon conjunct Saturn, the deal goes like this: today you will distance yourself from the person you are with.

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Today you will let them know without even speaking that you are over it all. They may have picked up on this already, as this is no new news, but today packs the wallop that comes in the form of your frozen heart and the love that you can no longer give them. Done. Cooked. Ready.

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