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What Is The Worst Sun Sign To Have?

Some planets in the birth chart are more positive than others due to their placements, which could be by sign or by house. 

In reality, no sign is “better” than any other and each has its quirks and its advantages — but some placements work better and have stronger or more powerful energy than others. The stronger the energy of a planet, the more positive the results are based on what it represents in the chart.

Typically, most of us have at least some planet or planets in our birth chart that do not work well in the sign that it is in, so this is very common.

Weaker planets considered at their fall or debility require more patience and a great deal more work to achieve success. 

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In determining how well the planet works we must look at the essential dignities.

When a planet is said to be in its domicile or exaltation this means the planet is comfortable in the sign it falls in or in other words, it is in one of its favorite signs. If a planet is in a sign considered at its detriment or fall, it is in a sign that does not blend well with that particular planet.

Knowing this, it’s possible to deduce the Sun signs that are the most difficult to work with. 

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