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There are certain pyschic indicators in astrology that can point toward having psychic abilities.

The most important indicator is planet Neptune, along with Pluto and Uranus, as well as their house placements.

Neptune is the most important planet when it comes to psychic abilities and is considered the psychic planet. Everyone has Neptune somewhere in their chart, but typically, Neptune needs to aspect something else in the chart to create psychic abilities unless it falls in the third, eighth or twelfth house.

Uranus and Pluto are also sometimes prominent in the charts of those who possess psychic abilities.

Pluto is a planet that penetrates into the ethereal and unknown, especially if it is in a prominent house or connected to Neptune in some way. Pluto is also at times associated with healing abilities. More stressful Pluto aspects can sometimes come into play in terms of intuition but it does not typically occur as easily.

Uranus is sometimes connected with otherworldly abilities and gives us the ability to process information much more quickly as it is the higher octave of Mercury. Uranus is connected with visionaries and genius, and many well-known predictive astrologers have Uranus in the 10th house or another prominent place in the chart.

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To discover any hidden psychic talents you may have, the first step is to know your birth chart.

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