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The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Are The Luckiest In Love On February 21, 2023

During these first few days of Pisces season, we may notice that our love lives are somewhat…unremarkable. And that’s a good thing! It will feel nice to know that there’s nothing to worry about.

What makes three zodiac signs luckiest in love on February 21, 2023, is that today is so…peaceful, so calm, so…without incident.

Don’t worry about feeling jinxed today; your luck is only just beginning. Take stock in the idea that it’s OK to believe in it.

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With Mercury sextile the planet Pluto on Tuesday, lucky lovers will be placed together to stand in union against another force. This ‘other’ force may be something that has torn us apart in the past, but it is not recognized as something we can get over quite easily.

That’s the wonderful thing about being human: we are adaptable, and sometimes when we use our minds to adapt to things that we ordinarily would reject. We come to know exactly how strong we are, and how far we can go.

Today brings three lucky in love zodiac signs the idea that we can go far in relationships, in life and in the partnerships we’ve created.

There is no feeling of doubt, no lingering resentment. It’s the end of February and we have just crossed into a very loving season — Pisces sun.

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