You are currently viewing weekly astrology forecast- week of 2/20-2/26

weekly astrology forecast- week of 2/20-2/26

***all times are EDT***

monday february 20th-
the new moon at 1’22 pisces is exact at 2:06am EST, commencing a new lunar cycle that focuses on spirituality, mysticism, creativity and compassion. this new moon is conjunct saturn at 28’10 aquarius who is about to move into pisces on march 7th. this new moon is closing the saturn in aquarius chapter of the last 2 1/2 years (with saturn moving through in his own sign) and is opening up the new journey of saturn through the sign of neptune. pay attention to what is starting to come in during this new moon week as it can be giving you insight into the lessons and opportunities for mastery incoming with saturn’s ingress and 2 1/2 year journey through pisces that is about to commence. interestingly the new moon semisextiles venus at 29 pisces who is just separating away from her conjunction with neptune (exact 2/15). the Heart needs to be leading the way in this lunar cycle and in this saturn ingress. saturn in his essence is not about the heart or compassion and emotion- but is about boundaries, grounding, stability and containment. saturn in pisces at his best is about creating solid containers for Love and emotion- but shadow saturn in pisces can be about blocking emotion and closing the heart. we have a choice in how we choose to move into this cycle.

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at 2:55am venus moves out of pisces and into aries- shifting the Goddess of Love and beauty from water to fire, omega to alpha, ending to beginning. venus is crossing the world axis- and moving into a new zodiac cycle! venus is in her detriment in the sign of aries as it’s the sign that rules her opposite (venus rules libra- opposite is aries, venus rules taurus- opposite is scorpio). venus in aries knows what she wants and goes after it! she is ready to take action based on what she values and loves! she can also be a bit too overly self focused and impulsive and aggressive. so be aware as you navigate her coming journey through aries. in the coming month she will align with jupiter, chiron and eris- bringing focus to wounding and healing, activism and taking a stand for Truth!

venus at 0 aries semisquares uranus in taurus at 8:42am, creating tension between the Goddess of Love and beauty and the Rebel and Revolutionary. venus/uranus is a transit of unexpected change or shifts in relationships and finances- and with venus at the aries point and uranus still separating from the precise mid-fixed degree this can manifest as big shifts and changes on the world stage as well. venus in aries is ready to go after what she desires and uranus in taurus is waking up/shaking up our values, material and mundane lives and more. at best this can infuse some new energy into stagnant relationships and situations but it can also provide earthquakes that reveal that the foundation is not as solid as we thought. finding balance with doing what we want and need with awareness of others and our commitments to them is key.

mercury in aquarius sextiles chiron in aries at 11:59am, aligning the mind and intellect with the Wounded Healer. this is a great day to have healing conversations- sharing our thoughts and feelings honestly and openly. mercury in aquarius is visionary and outside of the box- so there is potential for healing ideas that are expansive and amazing if we implement them.


tuesday february 21st-
at 5:22pm mercury in aquarius squares uranus in taurus- creating tension between the mind and intellect and the Rebel and Revolutionary! mercury is the lower mind and uranus is the Higher Mind- so we can have some huge realizations and revelations going on today! because of the tense nature of the square we can also have some unexpected and sudden insights or revelations so we need to stay open to seeing the Truth, speaking the Truth and being willing to change our rigid ideas!


wednesday february 22nd-
at 3:13pm mercury in aquarius trines mars in gemini, aligning the mind and intellect with the Will and Warrior planet. this is a great day for speaking our minds, sharing Truth and also listening to Truth being shared. our minds are driven and able to set things into motion. with mars now in direct motion- it’s time to act on what we have realized during his Underworld journey. with both bodies in air signs – relationships, friendships, community connections and other social alliances are in focus. once clarity comes- it’s time to act on it!


thursday february 23rd-
at 11:31am saturn in aquarius semisquares chiron in aries, creating tension between the Lord of Karma and the Wounded Healer. this is the first of 3 semisquares between these two that unfold throughout 2023- but it is the ONLY one with saturn in aquarius. the other 2 semisquares are with saturn in pisces. saturn and chiron are what i call ‘the Heavy Hitters’. they come in and make us feel our humanity through limitation, restriction, wounds, pain and health issues. they force us to slow down and assess the root and foundation of something- and where it’s not healthy or life affirming or solid. saturn in aquarius can have us focusing on our friendships and community connections- but also our hopes and dreams. is it time to let something or someone go? chiron in aries is asking us to heal around our will, drive and ego. some of us need to tone down our aggression and selfishness, others need to get in touch with suppressed anger and rage. we each can do some honest self checkins to see where our own growth edge lies. what is coming up today is showing you what that edge is so PAY ATTENTION! (the other dates for these semisquares are 8/15 and 11/25)

jupiter in aries squares now direct pallas athena in cancer at 11:53am, creating tension between the planet of expansion and excess and the Wisdom and Warrior Goddess. pallas just stationed direct last week after her Underworld journey that began on 11/30/22. jupiter’s link with her is firing up her final forward journey over the area of the sky she has been navigating. jupiter/pallas is great for getting Big Picture awareness of something but the tense nature of the aspect can make the insights and intuition incoming shocking or destabilizing. emotions can be high- particularly anger (jupiter is in aries after all). having good practices on tap to work with emotions so you can respond to them rather than react to them is key. today can be a trigger happy day with the astrology unfolding so be aware and navigate with extra care. ‘be kind for everyone you know is fighting a battle you know nothing about’ AND ALSO ‘do no harm but take no shit’ 😉


friday february 24th-
at 11:01am vesta in aries quincunxes the mean south node in scorpio- energizing the jupiter/south node quincunx from 2/10. vesta is the Priestess asteroid Goddess and in aries she is deeply devoted to take sacred action- not just saying the things but walking her talk. yet she is quincunx the karmic south node – and both vesta and the south node are in mars’ ruled signs. we need to be aware of our emotions, anger and rage and how they run us. are we trigger happy and aggressive OR are we repressing and suppressing our fire. making sure we are devoted to healthy expression and healthy action versus reactive and combative energies is key!


saturday february 25th-
at 9:51pm the sun in pisces sextiles the north node in taurus and trines the south node in scorpio- linking the conscious self and ego with the nodes of destiny and karma in harmonious ways. we are being given insight into the past and how it’s informed the present, as well as the present trajectory and where it will take us in the future. opportunities to reflect and see past and future through new eyes is incoming- pay attention!


sunday february 26th-
at 12:08am venus in aries quincunxes the south node in scorpio, creating tension between the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the south node of karma. jupiter just made this same aspect on 2/10- with the two Benefics in the sign of mars going head to head with the karmic south node- there can be a lot coming up to navigate. the good news is venus rules the north node and is aspecting by semisextile- so on offer is the chance to see what from the past is unresolved, karmic, a dead end- and what the evolutionary path towards the future is asking us. for one thing we have to deal with the shadow of the masculine essence- the energy that takes, dominates, controls, focuses on power. to much ME energy without the balance of WE throws the world (and relationships) off balance. tuning into what needs to faced and released right now is key.

mercury in aquarius semisquares venus in aries at 6:12am, creating tension between the mind and heart. mercury is very mental and intellectual when in aquarius, while venus is primal, passionate and immediate in her reactions when in aries. mind wants to stop and think it through while heart is ready to act RIGHT NOW! balance of course is key. communications can get edgy. make sure you are allowing yourself to both think AND feel so that both can be honored before you say things or take action today.


have a blessed week…


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