You are currently viewing Lilith Venus Astrology trine hot Queen dramas.

Lilith Venus Astrology trine hot Queen dramas.

Lilith entered Leo not too long ago. In the Fiery, passionate, Sovereign sign of luxury, heart, leadership, drama, partying and Fixed sign of will power-Lilith is one hot, self-expressive, sexy powerful, dominating figure. Lilith is currently at 4° Leo. Look to where you have any planets,angles, or celestial markers at this degree LEO.

Lilith is the Queen of our hearts in Leo right now. Honour her and allow her to speak to you through your heart. Remember that she is to the original Goddess, she demands equality and nothing less or else she flies.

Venus enters ARIES the very first sign of the zodiac, on February 19-20, and she is presently at 1° of the fiery, initiating, competitive, very very short tempered sign until March 16.

What to expect? Trines are easy, supportive aspects and Venus/Lilith blend their beauty, passion, seductiveness, conquering, Amazon Queen sexuality easily.

Passionate attraction and repulsion, big dramas, I envision hair pulling, Screaming matches and Mars ruled Aries in Gemini now revenge scenarios.

If you have planets angles etc at 0-5° SAGITTARIUS you get a Grand Trine which is super powered.

Use the strengths of Venus in Leo will power and Lilith in ARIES initiative fire power to conquer your own and others’ hearts and minds.

Lilith’s symbols are the owl of all seeing wisdom and psychic night vision and dream capability’s and Venus in Leo Royal sovereignty to rule your sexuality, and your ability to say no if not treated like a Queen.

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