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When it comes to astrology, checking out your and your partner’s Sun sign compatibility is not enough. A more in-depth way to find out how compatible you really are is to compare birth charts.

This technique is called synastry in astrology and it allows you to see which aspects in your charts align and how they affect your relationship, whether good or bad.

Some synastry aspects pave the way for true love, as is the case with aspects involving the moon and Venus signs.

In astrology, the Moon represents your emotional terrain, what makes you feel comfortable and at home, and Venus represents what makes you feel loved and how you like to express your love.

When these two come together in a harmonious conjunction, it is guaranteed to create a blessed romance and a deep soul connection.

Moon conjunct Venus synastry

Moon conjunct Venus synastry creates a warm, loving energy between the two partners.

They enjoy each other’s company and feel at home when the other is around. Plus, this synastry match creates a strong foundation of friendship underneath all the romance.

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