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Synastry aspects point to strong areas in a relationship as well as potential red flags.

Synastry is the recipe in a relationship that can create sparks or not. While some synastry aspects are potent enough to leave us in a nebulous love bubble, others can leave us feeling cold and abandoned.

Venus conjunct the Ascendant in synastry is a promising aspect that will tell us a lot about ourselves and our partners. It is a bond that promotes patience, care, and a need to uncover self-love.

Venus conjunct Ascendant synastry

Ascendant and personal planet synastry bonds show potential as long as both parties are willing to put in the effort.

Venus conjunct Ascendant synastry can create an instant attraction because Venus represents physical beauty and charm. When our partner embodies what we subconsciously desire, we are immediately drawn to them. We see Venus (or Venus might see the Ascendant) and we want to be with that person no matter what. 

Our partner becomes a manifestation of either our Ascendant or natal Venus sign. There is a lot of common ground in this connection. Both parties have similar standards and values.

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However, because Venus is not as strong as the Sun or the Moon, it can feel rocky in the long run if there aren’t other grounding aspects.

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