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Weekly Astrology Horoscope for February 20-26 — Starcana Intuitive Life Guidance

As we move into a brand new week; cosmic energy will fluctuate through an ocean of memories, imagination and sensitivities under the sensitive Pisces New Moon on Monday February 20. It will seem that there is so much happening from the outside of us – when the tumultuous waves are storming within. 

While it may be easier said, than done…. Breathe. Be mindful. Detach from the noise, to reconnect with your center. Observe thoughts and feelings that float to the surface. Surrender what attempts to settle; and hold on to nothing. When the calm begins; iridescent bubbles that are made up of imagination, dreams, fantasies and desires will begin to rise. Make a wish. Plant a seed into the universe. And create a path so that your wish can manifest.

Forget all the reasons why it won’t work and believe the one reason why it will. Ziad K. Abdelnour

On Monday February 20, Venus will shift from romantic Pisces, and slip into spicy Aries for four weeks. With Venus (values, relationships, money) in feisty Aries, we’re able to receive, through our efforts and creativity. Playfulness, eroticism and passion will score points during this time, along with being persuasive, straightforward and warm-hearted. If we lack focus; the shadows of impatience, inconsideration and self-centeredness can distract us from growth and gain. 

Weekly tarot message: The usual ingredients won’t work this time. [Lovers/TemperanceRx]. For more insight, check out your tarot card in the February 2023 Tarotscope and subscribe to my weekly cosmic writings. Much love. ~Suzi

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