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It takes a lot more than just meeting someone to create a beautiful, long-lasting relationship. And when it comes to astrology, synastry (or the aspects that occur when you compare birth charts) between two people can reveal a lot about a relationship’s potential.

While some synastry aspects may reveal red flags for a relationship, others, such as the Sun trine Mars, are more favorable.

In astrology, the Sun is the most important luminary in your natal chart (followed by your Ascendant, or Rising sign, and Moon sign). It represents where you are headed in life and your true purpose.

Likewise, the planet Mars in astrology represents your drive, the way you fight for things (or just fight), and how you engage with another in a passionate, sexual manner.

When Sun and Mars come together in a trine aspect in synastry, which is a very supportive connection, it can mean very good things for you and your boo.

Sun trine Mars synastry

Both Sun and Mars are energetically masculine in astrology. So when these two come together in a trine synastry, their energies blend well together in a mutually harmonious manner.

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