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The Anti-Attention 12th House – The Dark Pixie Astrology


Astrology charts have something called the houses, and there are 12 of them, and each rule a different part of our lives and personalities. They have their own impact, their own flavor, and can do different things.

The very last house is the 12th house, and this is the house of the hidden. As a result, this is the house that keeps us out of the spotlight and in the background.

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Natal Planets & the Twelfth House

When you were born with planets and bodies located in your natal 12th house, this makes the energy of the 12th house the natural energy for whatever that planet or body rules. This means you tend to avoid attention for whatever it rules, and want to stay out of the spotlight as much as possible.

This tends to be most obvious when it’s your natal Sun or Moon. 12th house Suns and Moons are fairly notorious for how much they want to avoid attention, and being around strangers can make them very uncomfortable (for this reason, it’s not a super common placement for anyone famous!).

It plays out with all of the planets and bodies though. 12th house Venus? You may like secret affairs and hate PDA. 12th house Pluto? You’re externally pleasant and internally powerful. 12th house Mars? You may seem passive but have crazy energy when alone. And on and on.

Also note that every single one of us has the 12th house in a Zodiac sign. Whatever that sign rules, you likely don’t want any attention for it. This means that even if you don’t have any natal planets or bodies in the 12th house, you still have this anti-attention energy with whatever the sign your 12th house falls in rules.

Transit Planets & the Twelfth House

The transit (moving) planets can also tour your natal 12th house at times, and when they do, their energy is hidden from the outside world. The Sun, Mercury, and Venus tour your natal 12th house every year, and you can run from attention with the Sun, keep your opinions to yourself with Mercury, and keep affection behind closed doors with Venus when touring your 12th house.

Mars tours your 12th house every 2 years or so, and this can dampen your energy levels around others significantly, and you can find they drain you. Yet you can have a ton of energy when you’ve had time to rest and pursue things alone.

The Moon tours your 12th house every month for a few days, and these few days can be when you have the least amount of energy for the month, at least around other people. On your own, you can do well, so this can be a time when you shy away from attention of any kind.

The other planets take longer to go through your 12th house, but the same rules apply. The energy is hidden, and you generally feel comfortable manifesting their energy when you’re not getting attention and away from others.

Progressed Planets & the Twelfth House

Your progressed chart adds one day to your date of birth for every year you’ve been alive to create a new chart reflecting your maturation and growth, and can be used in predictive analysis. 

Your natal planets can move into your progressed 12th house, and your progressed planets can move into your natal or progressed 12th house, and this can bring anti-attention energy to you. This tends to last for a long time, so it may start to feel natural, almost like a natal placement after a while.

You can avoid attention with whatever the planet or body rules, and you can almost retreat when progressions are in play. You can thrive with the planet or body alone, out of the spotlight, and when operating on instinct; but when under pressure, or others are involved, or you’re getting attention for it, you may shrivel.

Know that it’s okay! The 12th house isn’t bad. Of course we’re not all going to be comfortable having everything out in public. That would be nuts. Just look at how miserable people are with social media LOL!

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