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Astrology by Lisa Stardust 

The week ahead is about owning our passions and power. Mercury in Aquarius and Mars in Gemini pushes us to express our needs and desires on February 22. The Pisces Sun and Nodes of Destiny allow us to stand in our truth on February 24. The First Quarter Moon in Gemini on February 27 urges us to define and discuss what we want without hesitation. 

Witchtip: Carrying a protective crystal can help harness and protect your energy from getting lost in the shuffle. Amethyst and tiger’s eye connect and protect your energy as you tap into your own personal intuition. As your third eye grows and strengthens, you must guard yourself against psychic pollution. Crystals and stones can help you connect your inner wisdom with the intuitive waves of Pisces season.


It might be easier to express yourself in the presence of a partner, due to your calm emotions and need to connect with those you care about. Love and relationships are far more critical to you than you know, so you’ll give them your all in the days ahead.


This is YOUR time to truly reflect on what you want going forward in all aspects of life. Being open to several simultaneous possibilities feels like you’re defying gravity and embracing your uniqueness which is your most potent personal magic. If you desire it, then you can surely manifest it into reality.


Have you been withholding love due to fear of rejection? Well, it’s time to wake up. Seeing how amazing you are and owning your awesomeness will give you the confidence to love more. Also, you should address and assess what relationships mean the most to you in the long run. 


This week is all about you, Cancer. Self-care and extreme bodywork will bring additional inner peace. Yoga, dance, swimming, or spending time near bodies of water can help motivate your creative flow. Allowing yourself several moments of relaxation can aid in balancing and enriching your life for the better. 


Partnerships may be tested, due to the fact that you’re evaluating all of your friend connections. Those who make the cut will be golden, while those who don’t will remain in limbo until you are able to properly assess the direction you wish to take with them at this moment.


You’re on the precipice of change and this increases your need to do research on some very esoteric subjects. In fact, many Virgos, like yourself, find increased interest in quiet meditation retreats that include prolonged seclusion from society. The more energy you give to yourself, the stronger you’ll be.


Why is it so easy for you to appreciate the creative gifts of your loved ones but not pursue your own passions, Libra? This week gives you the push to embrace your artistry and talents. You can use your special skills to pursue the job or project of your dreams.


You might need to allow past memories to fade in the decisions that you’re currently making right now. Do not let people walk all over you regarding your personal security and hopes for the future. Investments made at this moment in time will pay off in the next year ahead.


There is an emotional tie between yourself and another person’s secret financial situation that’s creating issues. Karmic connections will have you reinventing the wheel here. The good news is that you can learn important and valuable lessons about the way you handle money and relate to others at the same time.



Financial lessons of time are here to show you what you need. Whether through a careful plan or a risky plan, it is the best week for you to invest. Careful attention to the details and proper time management is essential before moving forward this week.


Being able to speak your mind without judgment from others is something that comes naturally to you. Use your voice to speak up for those in need who don’t have the power to do so.  They will pay more attention to your visions and give your thoughts lots of consideration.


It’s important for you to find a moment of calmer and chill this week in order to figure out your future. You’re not one to make plans on the whim (although you wish you could). Take a few days to think about what you want and then swim towards it.

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