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Pitch brilliant ideas now-Mercury in Aquarius trine Mars

February 22 MERCURY in AQUARIUS trine MARS in GEMINI at 16+ degrees is a great energy to pitch a new invention, screenplay, novella, or just original ideas.

This aspect generated original inspired partners and merchandise too.This is great for launching a cryptocurrency idea, launch a new collaboration, mastermind with organizations, network with new acquaintances, and generally think outside the box.

Original thinking and unexpected insights abound. Unusual and unexpected communications, weird messages, texts and info snafus too. Internet issues.

If you have planets at 15-18° Aquarius, Gemini and Libra you will feel the electric light 💡 light up. Those with planets at 15-18° fixed signs Taurus, Leo,and Scorpio also feel the epiphanies,

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Get a reading. Note I am still on route in my vision quest in Mexico now. Internet seems to be unreliable where I am staying but I am moving on in the next few days.

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