You are currently viewing Venus in Aries, Mercury to Pisces Astrology for February 26th-March 4th, 2023

Venus in Aries, Mercury to Pisces Astrology for February 26th-March 4th, 2023

Sunday, February 26th ~Taurus to Gemini Moon at 10:48 am ET. First the Moon squares Saturn in Aquarius and may invoke stubbornness or crankiness. Pluto encourages inner wisdom and some self control, in a trine to the Moon. Void Moon from then, 9:42 am ET to 10:48 am and then the shift to Gemini mode occurs. There are no major angles with the Moon today, and planning, brainstorming ideas, studying and writing and anything else you need to put your mind to is favored. We might come out of our shells and want to socialize or even talk on the phone. Exchange ideas, open to possibilities. The Moon is growing in light this week. Wear Yellow.

Monday ~ Gemini Moon in harmony with Jupiter, Venus and eventually meeting Mars. These aspects tend to bring ease and favor new endeavors and relationships as well as renewal. The brain might be firing fast today, pursuing ideas of interest with excitement. The Moon has one square too, to the Sun in Pisces. There could be tension and contrast between what we think and how we actually feel. Either way, the tendency s to go forward and follow up, take something to the next phase or level. Wear Orange today.

Tuesday ~ Gemini Moon squares Neptune in Pisces for more of that contrast between the mind and the emotions. The heart may say one thing while logic points to something else. Sit with the contrast knowing there may be bits of truth in both sides. Mercury and Saturn align with the Moon from Aquarius, resulting in agreements to our responsibilities within groups, from family to workplaces and other collaborative relationships. Understand the agreement clearly and know what you’re taking on. News and other important messages and communications amp up. Void Moon 8:07 pm to 9:40 pm ET. Cancer Moon draws us to the comfy, familiar places, foods and company tonight, ideally. If you’re out of your comfort zone, it may feel extra unwelcome. Wear Light Blue.

Wednesday ~ Cancer Moon is about halfway to Full (Full Moon next Tuesday). In the lunar cycle, it’s natural to strive for and seek progress now. Though there are two potentially tense squares, the emphasis today is on Venus and Jupiter’s conjunction in Aries, for growth especially related to love and relationship, how to go forward together, and who you feel excited to know and move forward with. Venus and Jupiter together signal more of the good things, more opening of the heart, more wisdom around relationships, and a leap into the flow. Since this conjunction happens overnight tonight, this applies to Thursday and really to the whole week. I think this will override some of the Aries/Cancer tension the squares can bring. The Moon and Sun are in harmony for a focus on compassion, love, forgiveness, and alignment between heart and head. Wear Pink today.

Thursday ~ The Venus/Jupiter conjunction begins this 24 hour cycle at 12:36 am ET. Read Wednesday for the scoop. Mercury and Saturn provide another conjunction to add interest, especially related to contracts, commitments, logical decision making, and taking things seriously that should be treated that way. Keep respect in mind. Speak with respect and honor the wisdom of experience. That could mean not making a second ‘mistake’ out of obligation or for the wrong reasons. Know your mind and learn from your past or from those who walked before you (such as family or the person who held your job before you…any predecessor). Cancer Moon aligns with Uranus, which indicates something off the beaten track or out of the usual norm. A feeling may surprise you as it wells up. Mercury moves on to Pisces at 5:52 pm ET as if to say ok, my job is done here. Notice if you feel the same personally. Today’s color is Blue.

Friday ~ The week has been full of concentrated energy with some conjunctions that intensify the energy of both planets and the sign they’re touring. So whether it’s relationship focused or professional/educational or whether it’s about legal or financial matters, you may feel in the midst of some pretty significant goings on. Today, Cancer Moon opposes Pluto and can bring realizations and focused inner awareness and reflection, especially in the early part of the day. Try not to get down on yourself if you’re unsure about something you’ve said or done. Let the effects roll out before you put any extra pressure on yourself. The morning may be emotional or mood driven. After a short void Moon time, 9:22 am to 10:16 am ET, Leo Moon buoys spirits and lends itslef to more lightness for the rest of the night and day. Work something fun and lighthearted in to your day. Leo rules the spine and the heart, so do some cardio and be good to your back. Tap into resilience. Wear Gold.

Saturday ~ Leo Moon aligns in two trines, with Jupiter and Venus, the ones who met in Aries a few days back. This enhances the feeling and the progress of a growth spurt, initiation to a new level, with loving, abundant, and open hearted vibrations. Leo Moon and Uranus have their monthly square at 5:54 pm ET and aha moments and quick realizations are two of the effects. Notice what you feel and know strongly. If you’re acting too fixed and rigid, yield a little to give room for things that can turn out better than you think. Wear Purple.¬†


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