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your forecast Feb. 24th…

A warm hello.

There’s so much to tell you about the next 7 days:

With the Moon conjunct Uranus this weekend, you can expect some surprise news or an unexpected turn of events.

The Moon and Mars joining forces early next week in Gemini will bring a task or situation that pushes up the pressure gauge.

Mercury the planet of communication is under siege – it is here in Aquarius; it conjuncts Saturn, it’s also in aspect to Venus and Jupiter in Aries, Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn; you will need to adjust your approach to different kinds of issues, situations and people, to communicate successfully.

Venus conjunct/aligning with Jupiter in Aries promises a joyful highlight.

Finally, just to give you the heads up – on Monday I will post the Hair Cutting dates for autumn on my Facebook page and website.

   There’ll be an unusual or unexpected expense to factor into the budget this weekend, also clearing up a loose financial end will explain something you haven’t understood.   Travelling extra distances will push the pace as the coming week unfolds.   Mercury here could bring eye-opening conversations with friends and associates – you’ll discover options with special plans that you haven’t yet considered, you’ll also see another side to a friend or associate.  With Venus conjunct Jupiter in your Zodiac Sign, someone who cares will show that they do through thoughtful, generous gestures.
TAURUS.   An unusual turn of events or encounter this weekend will bring a few surprises and leave you with much to think about.   Keep tabs on your spending as next week unfolds or money could flow out in all directions!   Mercury here indicates that you’ll need to keep an open mind with an ambitious undertaking, to blend and make the most of the different ideas and ways of colleagues.   Venus conjunct Jupiter could bring a joyful reunion, also the opportunity to keep a promise you’ve made will feel good.
GEMINI.   The answer to a question you’ve been pondering may come from out of the blue this weekend.   As the coming week unfolds, it will be up to you to take control of a challenging task or situation and make some tough decisions.   Mercury here, with all its aspects, will bring a feast of information and advice, plus some exciting new ideas.   Venus conjunct Jupiter here points to a fun and special get-together that’s emotionally meaningful for you, this may also buzz with the potential of a new friendship or romance.
CANCER.   Surprise advice from a friend this weekend or a providential encounter will set you thinking along new lines.   Avoid forcing the issue with a frustrating commitment or situation as next week gets underway, this is a time for patience and follow through.   Mercury here for you will bring informative financial discussions – there’ll be different angles and considerations to take into account, to make some big decisions.   Venus conjunct Jupiter here points to a fortuitous career or business connection; this person could prove an ally and a friend.
LEO.   An unusual opportunity on the job this weekend or big financial plans will be a chance to surge ahead!   As next week gathers momentum, a fun social occasion or commitment may have a stressful element – there’ll be someone there you want to impress!   Mercury accented here in the relationship zone for you will bring ‘deep and meaningful’ discussions with those nearest and dearest including very practical discussions to sort out plans or issues between you.   The Venus/Jupiter conjunction here indicates you’ll savour a place that you love or making special plans with a distant loved one will put you in high spirits!
VIRGO.   A discovery or surprise news this weekend may necessitate a quick change of plans.   Extra tasks on the job or awkward extra chores for loved ones will ramp up the pressure as next week gathers momentum.   Mercury featured here for you will bring pivotal discussions with colleagues or clients that shape important plans on the job; health, diet or fitness discussions could also reshape your approach.    With Venus conjunct Jupiter here for you, an exciting purchase or outlay that achieves an exciting result will put you on a happy high.
LIBRA.   A surprise financial gain, a helpful clarification with a financial issue but also a few unexpected expenses may unfold in the coming days.   Interruptions and distractions may prompt you to chance course with your intentions and plans as next week gets underway.   Mercury besieged here indicates important conversations with a loved one or about something dear to your heart will re-enforce your priorities.   Venus conjunct Jupiter here will bring something to celebrate with your mate or a relative, or a joyful new development in a relationship that’s important to you.
SCORPIO.   Plans and arrangements with a loved one may twist and turn this weekend; there’ll be unexpected factors to take into account.   Keeping a clear overview financially will help you with a surge of expenses or a pressing financial matter.    Mercury here will bring all kinds of family discussions – making big plans will require you to talk through and balance different points of view and desires.   Venus conjunct Jupiter here points to a heartfelt achievement on the job, you may also receive a meaningful acknowledgement and an important professional connection will grow.
SAGITTARIUS.   An unusual task or situation on the job in the days ahead will call for you to think on your feet.   Also, an inconvenient request from someone close may stretch your resources as next week unfolds.   With Mercury here, there’ll be conversations where it’s important to listen and learn, to receive the valuable information or guidance on offer.   Venus conjunct Jupiter in Aries here points to fun outings, social get-togethers and passionate romantic interludes.  
CAPRICORN.   There’ll be surprise news from a loved one this weekend, there may also be a fun unusual outing, get-together or experience.   A physical task or fitness endeavour will push you to the max as next week unfolds.   Mercury here indicates important financial conversations; being clear about your priorities and objectives will guide you with these.   With Venus conjunct Jupiter here, you could gain something beautiful for your home, a favourite visitor could descend upon you and a special family occasion will be a happy highlight.
AQUARIUS.   There’ll be a surprise turn of events on the home front in the coming days; go with the flow and you’ll find much to enjoy.   Also, a creative pursuit, special personal endeavour or fun plans with your children will take a super effort!   Mercury in your Zodiac Sign, with the planet Saturn, indicates you’ll need to take a very practical view of a drawn out problem or lingering issue with another, to keep a clear perspective.   Venus conjunct Jupiter here will bring an exciting exchange or plan with another that boosts your relationship, you may also enjoy a beautiful place.
PISCES.   Surprise news or contact from another this weekend will be exhilarating and enlightening.   A domestic project, visitors of family activities will rev up the pace of life as the coming week unfolds.   The planet Mercury with Saturn in Aquarius here for you indicates a tendency to reminisce; also, with a discussion you’ve had a few times before, there’ll be a fresh opportunity to move forward.   With Venus conjunct Jupiter here in your 2nd house – a gift or loving gesture from another will reach out to you; you may also splurge on a special personal purchase.

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