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The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On February 24, 2023

The transit of NO is here today, which means that whatever your question may be, the answer is no. Today, February 24, 2023, will bring us so much frustration that we may want to crawl back into our beds and wait it out, as the idea of being told ‘no’ one more time when we need the answer to be ‘yes’ is just a little more than we can deal with.

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What transit causes such negativity? We’d be looking at Moon square Pluto, where all is lost, and nothing moves. Yow! Must we really deal with this today, of all days? Yes, we must because it is only here on this day, of all days.

Expect rejections and dismissals today. People will lose jobs as well as romantic partners. There is, however, a way to get by during Moon square Pluto, and that is to ignore it. Just say NO to the astrology transit that only offers us negativity.

How to do such a thing, you may ask? The answer is not ‘no’ here; the answer is to stop identifying with the pain and refocus our energy on healing. We don’t have to take ‘no’ for an answer, but it’s better to accept that ‘no’ is the answer so that we are at least not at odds with ourselves during this short transit.

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Of course, ignoring a transit as powerful as Moon square Pluto may be a pipe dream, but for these three zodiac signs, the advice is to do your best and disbelieve. This means that while you might feel this day’s coldness in all its manifestations, you don’t have to believe in it as if it were going to last.

It’s not going to last. So, get out with the one day of hardship and move on. Don’t overreact to this day’s antics because they will not last forever. Trust in this.

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