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3 Zodiac Signs Have Difficult Horoscopes With Moon Square Mercury On February 25, 2023

If you’ve ever found yourself accidentally saying something so caustic that it offends everyone around you, welcome to today’s horoscope for February 25,2023, where the words flow freely and just might get us in major trouble if we’re not careful.

Certain zodiac signs tend to blurt like crazy on days like this because we have the semi-troubling transit of Moon square Mercury. 

This transit will have three zodiac signs saying way too many things without thinking first. 

This promises to be a rough day for anyone who who speaks too freely and those who receive that harmful or careless speech. While this may not be the day to take it all too personally, Moon square Mercury will prod the ego a bit, and even if what is said, or what we say to someone, is not that bad, what will stand out the most is the nerve.

It’s not the content that counts here today; it’s the fact that we have the nerve to be so foolish.

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Some of us will get into hot water with people we know from the workplace, so know that this kind of mishap-behavior isn’t restricted to any area. We will act on impulse and end up making life harder for ourselves. We may even end up feeling like children who are scolded for our rude behavior.

There may not even be a way to control this, as it seems to be several people’s destiny to blurt their way into isolation. Nobody likes having a rude person around, and if we try to pass our rudeness off as “I was just being funny,” it won’t go well.

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