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3 Zodiac Signs Who Need A Break From Love During Moon Square Mercury On February 28, 2023

Maybe it’s because it’s the last day of February, or maybe it’s simply because we can’t escape the vibe that comes along with Moon square Mercury, but today is the day when many of us will declare an unusual request: time alone, please. Time away from love, time away from our lover, our dates, our pressures…we need a break, and this break, as we know it, can’t come quickly enough.

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Mercury helps us to understand what bothers us; because of this planet’s ability to cut to the chase, we will be upfront and personal with our most important needs during this day, and even though spending time alone isn’t always the number one desire in a romantic relationship, we have to admit that sometimes, we really and truly do need a break. It’s not a popular thing to admit to this, but as they say, “you gotta go what you gotta do.” Today is the day we accept that idea in full.

Today, during Moon square Mercury, we will be demanding some time off…from love. This isn’t a personal attack on the person we love, nor the beginning of the end…it’s merely a reality check that says, as human beings, we are not love machines. We need to recharge those love batteries; to do so, we must be honest enough to know what will help us.

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And during Moon square Mercury, we will only identify with the desire to grab and enjoy that break. If we do this correctly, with the right understanding, nobody will get hurt, and everything will work out in the long run.

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