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Stellar Insights: February 27 – March 5, 2023

With pleasure-oriented Venus and expansive Jupiter uniting in Aries, we’re called to immerse ourselves in beauty, experience the movement that relationships can yield, and feel ignited by love. What may powerfully pay off is not just attuning to the Venusian realms of beauty, love, pleasure, sociability, and relationships but also being a champion for their manifestation by creating experiences that harness them and bring them to life.

To do so, embark on the following:

·      Be courageous.

·      Don’t be afraid to begin something new.

·      Feel into your desires and what sparks your inner flame.

·      Allow yourself to go after something rather than waiting for it to come to you.

As you do, be aware that dancing in Venus’ domain could ignite some sparks of sorrow that arise from memories of past experiences. That’s because in addition to Jupiter, Chiron is having a tête-à-tête with the pleasure planet as well. And yet know that from the uprising of feelings a great potential for healing can arise. Themes such as willpower, worthiness, ability to initiate, hurts from past relationships and/or trust in your instincts may emerge, presenting themselves for compassionate review. In doing so, you can acknowledge and embrace past wounds, which can help to burn away some perspectives that keep you from living your bright self. All the while, you may find yourself being a beacon of empathy and healing for others.

Yet, while there’s a call for movement, it’s important to do so thoughtfully by expressing yourself with precision and diligence. After all, messenger Mercury also unites with structured Saturn this week. And with that, there’s more probability of experiencing rewards if we don’t cut corners when it comes to communication.

Take the time to reflect upon what you love and what you value. And when you share that with others, try to orient towards playing the long game rather than the short one. Sure, the experiences you have this week of touching into the domains of beauty, pleasure. and partnerships may yield immediate satisfaction. Yet, don’t overlook the fact that they can also be the basis for sustained growth. See how what arises can be seeds you can plant, which through ongoing tending can set the scene for your creating a wider network of joy.

One last note about the combination of Venus/Chiron/Jupiter in Aries and Mercury/Saturn in Aquarius. It’s a week in which we may feel tempted and inspired to play with fire (literally and figuratively). If you do, just do so responsibly, seeing how heat and fire can inspire while also having tools and techniques in place for corralling and controlling any embers that may be catalyzed.

Also, to note: Mercury’s connection with Saturn is the last time a planet will join together with it in Aquarius for the next almost-thirty years (given that Saturn shifts into Pisces on March 7). Therefore, don’t be surprised if you find yourself connecting to more clarity about what you have learned about since December 2020 (when Saturn entered this sign) when it comes to your community connections, your relationship with technology, your approach to envisioning the future, and the ways in which you recognize and utilize the power of patterns. Watch too for insights about the realms of technology, social media, science, collectives, and logistics in the news as with Saturn in Aquarius having its final swan song this week we may see things in the Aquarian realm come into greater focus.

Have a beautiful week!

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