You are currently viewing The Daily Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign For February 28, 2023

The Daily Horoscope For Each Zodiac Sign For February 28, 2023

You can look to the stars for your astrology forecast. Today’s horoscope for Tuesday, February 28, 2023, is here. Let’s see what’s in store for all twelve zodiac signs.

We can anticipate some challenges today due to a few things occurring in astrology. Saturn is at the 29th degree of Aquarius, and Pluto is at the 29th degree in Capricorn.

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These two planets are considered to be malefic, bad energy that stirs up strife but also promotes change and awareness.

Tony Robbins once said, “Change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.” Thankfully, anger is at bay because Mars is not speaking with Saturn or Pluto today.

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So for change to take place, we look inwardly. Saturn and Pluto have bad reputations, but there’s a good side to this harsh energy. Saturn forces us to grow up.

Pluto demands that we change. Both are necessary for true progress to take root.

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