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3 Zodiac Signs Who Feel Unlovable During Moon Square Venus On March 1, 2023

While nobody wants to wake up on the first day of March, let alone any month, and feel as if nobody loves them, the truth is it is what it is. We feel this way because of a series of events that led to this point.

While we didn’t ask to feel this way, we also work with a transit that brings out this feeling in us. That transit would be Moon square Venus, and its ‘squared’ effect on our love lives makes us feel as though we either don’t have one to speak of or that it’s certainly not giving us the one thing we want out of it: love.

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This transit may add a touch of sadness to the day. However, this nagging feeling of thinking we are unlovable could just as easily turn into self-pity. We could take that all the way downhill depending on what sign we are if we are predisposed to that behavior.

And, naturally, the Moon square Venus is just the transit to push that button. What’s known is that we may not necessarily be right about feeling unlovable, or rather, our feelings are true. Still, the circumstance that created them might not be. In other words, we may not feel what is there.

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We can’t help but get into these moods now and then, where our perspective is skewed; transit Moon square Venus can twist our feelings to such a degree that we may have ourselves convinced that on this day, March 1, 2023, we are unlovable and that nobody cares. Of course, this is not true, but humans will feel what humans will feel. Am I right?

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