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Each Zodiac Sign’s Luckiest Day Of The Month For March 2023

Luck occurs within the moments of changes and shifts that allow fresh energy to pour in and divine inspiration from the universe.

This month holds catalyst events as Pluto and Saturn will change zodiac signs.

Pluto is the Lord of the underworld, the planet of true transformation. As it becomes initiated within the innovative and rebellious winds of Aquarius, it begins an entirely new era.

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But so does Saturn as it dives into the crystalline waters of faith and shifts into Pisces.

Pluto in Aquarius brings in freedom and the breaking away from what has been restricting you and any divine luck the universe has been trying to send you.

It helps you see things clearly and not be afraid to walk the path less traveled.

At the same time, Saturn, Lord of time and karma, shifts into Pisces and suddenly becomes ready to take a leap of faith.

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