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Spirituality and reality are merging starting March 7

Dr. Bruce Lipton talks about the importance of spirituality and human growth.

Yes and this is born out with astrology now as Saturn the planet of reality enters Pisces the most spiritual sign and last sign of the zodiac March 7 for the next 2.5 years until 2026.

Spirituality and reality will be known and felt as we are all one big emotional soul with no separations-unbinding the ego grip and revealing our true essences as immortal souls who are interconnected with All that Is.

The next two and a half years until 2025/2026 will be an epiphany and a revelation-not in the Christian sense.

Saturn sets limits and boundaries which are what Pisces desperately needs to learn.

In the old days this was control by the church and witch burnings. But the millions of witches who were tortured are back and we will reclaim our pagan roots and inherent connection to our spirituality.

Life is a dream and we are dreaming this reality. So wake up now and know yourself as prime creatures.

Pisces symbolize the cosmic womb of unconditional mother love, the great mysterious void that all creation in existence is birthed from. Pisces is the cauldron of rebirth.

Saturn is karma and Saturn is the cosmic taxman. I think it’s funny that the George Harrison Beatles classic Taxman was rereleased recently.

Time to pay our karmic debts and compete major cycles. Past life regression will be huge and this is something I do and was trained in.

Get ready to move through all past addictions and denial and take face Saturn’s test of responsibility and maturity.

Lots of rehab to work through.

Saturn is heavy it’s leaden and in Pisces a sign associated with mental illness and institutions and death. Many people will be wrestling with their own fears, paranoia, delusions illusions. Projections and will have to own them.

Pisces is a sign of endings, Saturn is Father Time, the Grim Reaper, old age, seniors, the oceans, there will be much death coming over this time period.

A saturnine image. Photo by Tara Greene

Water restrictions and corporate control of water will be a huge issue.

Saturn is tradition, the patriarchy, Pisces is Christianity and it will be expiring as people wake up to the fact that no outside authority can control you. Many will be terrified to have the reality that nothing is real and all is projection. Many Christian’s will be following false guru’s and prophets.

Glamour seeking and worshipping like those dumb Kardashian’s will be over. Thanks goodness.

Hollywood is Pisces and it will also be shown for the corrupt, manipulative, brainwashing tool it is. It may die or have to be restructured to survive.

Escapism is impossible with Saturn in Pisces yet AI, and all that Metaverse BS is just a trap of denial of the real world.

Saturn enters Pisces March 7 for the next two and a half years. It swims into the sign of everything intangible, dreamy, imaginative, creative , the cosmic womb, unbounded, and they become one.

Look to where Pisces is in your natal chart to see where and how by aspect Saturn will reshape your spiritual reality, ground your soul, and open yourself to spiritual discipline.

Elders who have seriously trained in spirituality and. Relativity will be revered. The newbie fake astrologers and tarot readers, fake curse removal people will be over, many will be restricted and even convicted of being charlatans.

Saturn rules elders, seniors whose lives may be forced to end a trend going on right now in the world to eliminate those who have witnessed history so that the evil satanic -Saturn is Satan traditionally they devil in the physical world- can control the fake reality.

Fake news ends with Saturn in Pisces or gets worse.

The only truth and reality via your connection with your own higher self. No outside spiritus. Or religious organization can tell you what to do.

I will be teaching classes on freaking and spiritual enhancements.

Join me LIVE tonight February 28 on Facebook at 5 pm PST, 8 pm EST and March 1st At 1;00 am GMT on the cosmic Intelligence Agency main page as I present March astrology and tarot.

Please share widely.

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