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What Your Mars Sign Says About Your Sexuality

By Sara Kloepfer

You already know that your astrological sign is a major indicator of your personality and approach to life — but did you know that your sex life is also written in the stars?

Your zodiac sign, or Sun sign, only tells one part of your story (a large part, yes, but not all of it). While your Sun sign indicates your character traits, motivations, and values, other planets in your birth chart signify specific aspects of your personality.

Your Mars sign reveals how you channel passion and aggression.

Mars is known as the Roman god of war and is typically associated with the body, lust, and competition. Understanding the sexual astrology of your Mars sign can help you decode your approach to sex — what you like, how you like it, and why. 

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Every Mars sign has different needs when it comes to sex. If you have ever had great sexual chemistry with someone who you are not necessarily supposed to connect with according to your sun signs, your Mars signs may be the reason why.

If your Mars sign is the same as your partner’s Sun sign, this could indicate real sexual compatibility. Alternatively, a partner with the same Mars sign or a Mars sign with the same element (aka fire, earth, air, water) as you can be a good match since you are already on the same page, while someone with their Mars sign exactly opposite yours in the zodiac can be a good balance.

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