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WITCH TIPS & HOROSCOPES 3/1-7/2023 — The Hoodwitch

Astrology by Lisa Stardust 

This week brings a lot of change our way. Mercury and Saturn link up in Aquarius, before Mercury switches signs on March 2, bringing critical thinking to the periphery of our minds. Mercury swims into Pisces later in the day, adding intuition and emotion to our thoughts. Venus and Jupiter align in Aries on March 2, opening our hearts to love and compassion. Mercury in Pisces and the Nodes of Destiny on March 5, aligning us with important contacts for the future. The Pisces Sun and Uranus in Taurus on March 6, give us the chance to embrace our true nature and idealism. The Virgo Full Moon on March 7 helps us blend emotion with reason.  Saturn enters Pisces after the Full Moon on March 7, initiating a 2.5-year journey around spiritual growth and philosophical enlightenment. 

Witch tips: 

It’s a great week to clean up your altar. Cleanse the energy on your altar, put some fresh flowers out, and light a few white candles to get the energy flowing in the right direction before the Full Moon. You can also add trinkets and gifts for your ancestors to show your appreciation.

If you are looking for a new job or business proposition, now is the time for your courageous sign to strike and take action. Considering offers that come in that are unconventional are great options to take. The more dynamic the opportunity — the better it’ll be for you. 

Grounding your energy and taking stock of the positives in your life will prove to be the best way that you can take on the ever-changing cosmic energy. This requires you to reconnect with your truest self and passions while focusing on what is the most important to you right now.

Balancing your decisions and looking at your business affairs through clearer lenses is important. Your name is being passed around behind closed doors for sure for upcoming jobs, so make sure you check your email frequently. You come highly recommended and are in amazing standing with professional contacts this week.

There are strong psychic energies floating through the cosmos and you might even channel messages from the spirit world in the next few days. Be open to all those feelings and tingles that you get, because they might just be your guides letting you know that you’re onto something new.

Whether you are taking the good with the bad or understanding the shadow side also has its lessons, you have much to appreciate right now. You might even strengthen your sense of connection to a wider group of like-minded individuals who also see the world through a more spiritual perspective.

You are strongly tapped into the intuitive waves of life and may even experience deja vu along the way. Carry your favorite crystals around to awaken your third eye. This will help you channel the vibe you want and allow you to feel the energy field that is around you.

Try to enter your work obligations with the understanding that everyone is feeling the weight of the world and unable to fully process the magnitude of what they are actually experiencing. Taking it all slow and steady really does help you through the moments that will lead you to a reprieve. 

There are certain connections in your life right now that are forcing you to look into your own soul to understand yourself deeper. Whether it’s a friendship, a love partner, or even someone who is just getting under your skin, you’ll have to assess your feelings to know how to move forward.

Be careful to check your own thoughts and make sure that you are not being too hard on yourself. If you put in the effort, you’ll be rewarded greatly. Believe in yourself, and see the beauty and wonder that the universe really has to offer you on a daily basis.

You may want to cleanse your communication devices, as you’re finding that most of your issues this week are from unclear conversations that lead to arguments. Be as direct and open as you possibly can to avoid such problems from taking center stage in your life in the upcoming days.

It may appear as though you’re the only one suffering and in need of love. But, the truth is that there are many that could use a hand up and you’ll be given those chances as long as they do prove that they are capable of and willing to grow.

Try not to hold yourself back, even if you’re feeling any pangs of guilt. The overall feeling can create an awareness of the collective struggle. Remember that the work you are here to do is absolutely enough and a huge piece of why you are here at this very moment.

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