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your forecast March 3rd…

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In the next 7 days:

The planet Mercury moving into Pisces, until March 19, will join the Sun and Neptune; this will bring intuitive insights, creative ideas and perceptive conversations but also a tendency to emotional reactions.

The Full Moon in Virgo falls out here on its own – this will bring important plans or a sensitive issue to a head.

The giant planet Saturn will move from Aquarius into Pisces.   Saturn hasn’t been in Pisces since 1996!   This is a ‘Big Planets, Big News’ forecast and I will post this special forecast for you on Tuesday.

   Conversations that turn back turn will bring experiences and lessons of the past to the fore; these will guide you through sensitive or unspoken issues you’re currently addressing.   Alternatively, reflecting upon the past could give you fresh insights and a new understanding or an event, situation or person, if you avoid stirring up old feelings.   The Full Moon in Virgo here indicates a challenging task or matter on the job will test your patience but a sudden breakthrough will lead the way forward.   Take a little extra care health-wise too.
TAURUS.   Connecting with friends or initiating discussions with new acquaintances you’d like to know better will give you thought-provoking insights and some uplifting ideas.   Double check information with fun things you want to do so you don’t miss practical details and considerations that would serve you.   The Full Moon in Virgo here indicates a special event for a loved one or a shared experience will be a turning-point in your relationship.
GEMINI.   Discussing an ambitious personal or professional undertaking with your colleagues will help you to understand its different layers, you will also gain insights into a superior’s intentions and goals.   Make sure you’re clear about your role, so you know what is expected of you.   The Full Moon in Virgo here indicates a special family or domestic project will come to an emotional fulfillment.
CANCER.   Heartfelt exchanges with a distant relative or friend will be enlightening, you’ll see sides to them or their lives that give a much fuller picture!   Exploring a new interest or gaining knowledge about a subject you’re keen to understand better will reveal its many different aspects; also, talking to people from different walks of life will leave you with much to think about.   The Full Moon in Virgo here promises a short trip or change of scene and a clear answer to a nagging personal question.
LEO.   Searching, questioning discussions about profound personal and spiritual issues will offer intriguing ideas to ponder; you’ll connect with someone in a very meaningful way.   There’ll be a complicated financial arrangement or undertaking to sort out; it will take a persevering effort to understand this thoroughly.   The Full Moon here in Virgo points to spending generously on a special purchase or occasion that you have an emotional investment in.
VIRGO.   There’ll be much you need to discuss with someone close to resolve a misunderstanding, make special plans together or determine the best course of action with a challenging issue or situation.   Watch the tendency to be a little over-sensitive or over-reactive to different points of view.   The Full Moon in your Zodiac Sign indicates a special personal or family celebration may have moments that are quite emotionally charged.
LIBRA.   An informative discussion with an associate will point the way with an unusual task or a health pursuit you’re interested in learning more about.   A challenging job issue or difference with a colleague may touch a nerve though, handle this gently or there’ll be a clash.   The Full Moon here indicates an old or ongoing problem or issue will come to the fore; this will be your opportunity to tackle it head on and address it positively.
SCORPIO.   Sharing your thoughts and ideas with friends and loved ones will bring snippets of information and advice that guide you with your plans, problems and undertakings.   Watch a tendency to be a little over-sensitive to criticism though or other people’s opinions.   The Full Moon here points to a fun invitation or get-together that’s expansive and encouraging for a relationship that’s important to you and you would like to see grow.
SAGITTARIUS.   A family discussion that alerts you to the different hopes and desires of family members with a special family or domestic project will guide you with your decisions and plans.   Sensitive family issues may also simmer; you’ll need to listen thoughtfully, to see the full picture and be an insightful voice of reason.   With the Full Moon here, you’ll need to rise to the occasion for a pressing task on the job and to deal with a challenging job situation resourcefully.
CAPRICORN.   You’ll throw yourself into an exciting professional or personal undertaking; there’ll be much to gain from knowledgeable people, it will be time to listen and learn.   Communication challenges may test your people skills though; keep your cool – to understand and be understood will take thoughtful efforts.   The Full Moon here for you indicates a success; you’ll achieve a goal you’ve been working towards for some time.
AQUARIUS.   You’ll need to initiate financial discussions, to clarify the cost of an expensive undertaking or large purchase; there may be more to it than meets the eye!   Spending freely on someone dear could put a dent in the savings too.    With the Full Moon falling here in your 8th house – an emotional situation or issue with another could suddenly come to a head; handled gently, this could put a problem behind you.
PISCES.   With Mercury, the planet of communication, transiting your Zodiac Sign until March 19, there’ll be all kinds of discussions you’re keen to have – you’ll find out all that you need to know with exciting plans on the drawing board and personal matters that are on your mind.   Watch a tendency for misunderstandings with others though; if you’re feeling confused by someone’s attitude or actions, be patient and time will answer your questions.   The Full Moon could bring a special family get-together but there’ll be sensitive undercurrents to handle tactfully.

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