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3 Zodiac Signs With Challenging Weekly Horoscopes Starting March 5 – 11, 2023

The second week of March brings rough weekly horoscopes into the lives of three zodiac signs, and the chaos starts around March 5, 2023, and will last through March 11, 2023.

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March is a complex month, as the universe seems to be teasing us. One day, we feel as though there’s nothing we can’t accomplish, and the next day, we feel downtrodden and hesitant to push on.

There will be days this week when we feel fearful of the unknown and other days when we think the only possible way to get what we want or need is by pushing ourselves to the brink of collapse.

At the start of our week, we have Saturn in Pisces, which brings us a mixed bag of emotional situations; we feel torn by this transit as it at once makes us feel soft and kind while knowing that our kindness is being taken advantage of.

This is the week when we suspect someone is using us or not paying us what we believe we are worth. This may also spill into our love lives as the Moon square Mars joins in to topple the balance. We may find that we are arguing with a partner for no reason.

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However, we are solution-oriented and will get to the bottom of things as the Moon enters Libra, giving us an honest look at what needs to be fixed.

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