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3 Zodiac Signs With The Worst Horoscope On Friday, March 3, 2023

On Friday, March 3, 2023, all zodiac signs will be experiencing a dark transit. Some of us may even fall into a depressed state. During Moon opposite Pluto, we will be tested; can we rise above, or will we sink so low that we hardly recognize ourselves? 

Today will be a rough horoscope day for three zodiac signs, and if we are feeling vulnerable or raw, to begin with, by day’s end, we will want nothing more than to disappear beneath the covers. During Moon opposite Pluto, we will want to avoid looking at the world and our problems; we only want to sleep, get away, and avoid. Because of Moon opposite Pluto’s dark nature, we may not be the best company; we may easily snap at others and find that if we don’t keep to ourselves, we could get in trouble.

Transit Moon opposite Pluto ignites a sense of paranoia in us, but it doesn’t hold us back from defending ourselves — even if there’s nothing to defend. Instead, we feel defensive and on edge all day long, and whether we have cause for that feeling or not, we will act so that we turn people away. 

The worst part is in this inner sense that we shouldn’t be doing what we ARE doing, meaning we will be very conscious that we’re saying nasty things or treating ourselves disrespectfully. We know we are doing the wrong thing, and yet, we will continue to do these wrong things anyway. We may not be able to stop ourselves, as, for certain signs, Moon opposite Pluto is a very depressing road that leads to confusion and mania.

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