You are currently viewing Full Moon 16º Virgo Mar 7-13, 2023 – Member’s Report

Full Moon 16º Virgo Mar 7-13, 2023 – Member’s Report

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Full Moon 16º Virgo Mar 7-13, 2023 – Member’s Report


〰️ Invite grace to enter 〰️

Certain Full Moons feel particularly juicy, and this one definitely falls in this category. As it culminates on the Pisces-Virgo axis at 16°40, it also waxes to a square to our favorite rebel Mars, still annoyingly out of bounds and ready to rumble. The Sabian Symbol for the Moon degree is fittingly «A volcano in eruption,» pointing to the rather ominous prospect of that famous cup that finally is runneth over. However, the Sabian for the Sun degree, «An easter parade,» seems to add a gentle touch of grace upon us all. It points to the need to nurture the link to the spiritual realm where the Soul lives and find strength where there is strength to be found.

As the mutable qualities are highlighted for this Full Moon, the energy could easily swing from high above the clouds into a dark pit of despair in no time. The battle for survival and getting through the day while mobilizing strength to transcend all the challenges requires dedication and energy. Thankfully that energy is now available if we can find proper focus. And herein lies the Herculean struggle. As so much happens on the inside and the outside, the mind can flip from one thing to another somewhat randomly. So we need to flex our muscles and concentrate.

The Full Moon happens while Saturn rests on the very last degree and minute in Aquarius and enters Pisces the day after. Mutable signs are the last signs before the opening of a new cycle, so combine these two factors, and we get a feeling of finishing up something. Maybe it is a bad habit now ready to be replaced by a more constructive one. Perhaps it is a chapter in a life that is about to move to the next level or something else. But in one way or another, this is a transition.

The whole year of 2023 is a transition as Saturn and Pluto will ping pong between signs, and March month, starting with this Full Moon, will give us a little taste of what’s to come, colored by where it lands in our charts. There is much to be said about Saturn in Pisces, but as a starter, it might be a creative exercise to reflect upon the very contrast between Pisces, ruled by Neptune, and Saturn, the natural ruler of Capricorn. They seem to be contrarians, but if any sign could use a strong Saturn, it would be Pisces. Time management, structure, discipline, and maturity are the elementary skills of Saturn, but Pisces is timeless and wants to flow freely because this is where the magic happens. However, Saturn, well aware of consequences, demands results. It is safe to say that once these two principles work things out, there can be a huge growth in a person’s life, not to mention the vast creative potential that occurs when they cooperate. Dreaming won’t cut it. Disciplined action needs to be applied as well.

And if we spend a little time to reflect on the Sabians for this particular Full Moon phase, we might see how we can become stronger when we embrace our spiritual and mundane routines as we seek truth in all we do and create the needed changes. We need to learn to realign after chaos hits. Chaos is change, and it is part of life. There is no way around it. So our dedication to making it work invites grace to enter. Some things are way too big for us to handle on our own. Take one thing at a time and let the rest find its way.

We need to make sure that we are flexible and manage to adapt and correct our priorities as events unfold. This phase is very much colored by a strong martian pull, making it difficult for us to feel grounded and even harder to unwind. As the square between the Sun-Neptune to Mars grows stronger day by day, fighting our own sense of futility, powerlessness, and overwhelm could be the core of our struggle. The light is being challenged by darkness.

Taking good care of the body has never been more critical than right now. The energies are floating, changing, and constantly morphing, anger can pop out of nowhere, and people might feel generally tense and ready to lash out. Stay off the grid if the grid makes you sad and worried. The internet might not be the cozy, warm place we need right now, so a better option is to go out and look to the heavens. Embrace nature. Spend some time in the sun. Let the rain wash our faces. This sanctifies life. We all have this opportunity, and we just have to take it.

And then we can continue, recharged, to work diligently towards our goals, not missing one spot.

Sol W Jonassen

Tuesday, March 7

This particular Full Moon day is a day for realizing some hard truths about where your life is heading and what is possible to manage. With Saturn and Pluto both at anaretic degrees (29°), it might feel like something is overdue and fully saturated. This Full Moon reminds us of the Tarot card, the Tower.

If certain aspects of your life are not fully grounded in reality, they will have to go. Certain illusions, ideals, and dreams you hold might get a brush with reality just to check if you are living in alignment with truth.

Wednesday, March 8

Holy Moly, Saturn enters Pisces!

It might feel like a huge sigh of relief for anyone with Aquarian, Taurus, Leo, or Scorpio planets. Whatever Saturn has been doing the last couple of years, you might finally see the end of that process. However, it walks straight into la-la-land Pisces and will show up with tough love when it comes to your favorite illusions and fantasies, so are you ready for the truth?

The Moon trines Pluto, so there might be an opportunity showing up that actually has a practical and grounded reality to it. So embrace that which is offered right now.

Thursday, March 9

As the Moon opposes the whole Aries trio of Jupiter, Chiron, and Venus, the energy can feel a bit bipolar, jumping from one conclusion to the opposite in no time.

If there ever was a day that was hard to balance, it is this. Walking on a tightrope demands enormous amounts of focus, strength, and stability, but if you practiced your mind-body-emotion-workout routine, you might be inclined to take it all as a test of discipline and work to keep your mind still while the motions of life blow like a little tornado.

Be the eye of the storm.

Friday, March 10

The Moon squares Pluto, and the Sun is getting warm and close within orb to Neptune and squaring Mars.

Sounds feisty? It is. There is no time like now, and the sense of urgency can make you spring into action, ready to make sure you remember everything and forget nothing. Details can be so annoyingly tricky and, right now, straight out infuriating. Nothing beats finally getting to the car only to realize you forgot your phone at home.

Chill down. Like really. Keep track of the little things.

Saturday, March 11

Ooh, the Moon crosses into Scorpio, touches the nodal axis, and reveals everything you wish you had in life. Or want. Or couldn’t have. Or that you lost.

This wave isn’t easy, nor for amateurs. It requires a certain kind of willpower to accept the hard truth. This is about money, sex, intimacy, and needs. Do you have stability, or is it not on your menu now? If not, how can you transcend the limitations that inhibit your potential?

It is time to transform some of your favorite negative self-talk, focus on being grateful for what you have, and understand that those aspects of life that feel unattainable are within reach. The Jupiter-Chiron conjunction has spoken: Attitude is everything.

Sunday, March 12

Jupiter dances tightly with Chiron revealing a somewhat vulnerable fact.

Why is it so hard to believe in yourself, and what do you lack now? Faith? Are you stuck in the same spot you were last year, or have there been any real changes you somehow forgot? Seeing your achievements is a great way to boost your self-confidence. You are only human, so give yourself some slack.

Tallyho sailor, you are well on your way!

Monday, March 13

Jupiter is strong right now, fueled by the Moon sailing through Sagittarius.

It is yet another day to work on your most ingrained negative self-talk. You might feel more than ready to shake off some attitudes about yourself, your talents, and opportunities and replace them with a resounding «yes I can!» Within certain limits of course.

The Sun-Neptune square Mars is peaking, and you can touch upon a feeling of hubris and powerlessness. The first requires that you listen to your body and stop going too far all the time. The second demands that you take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself why you tell yourself that you can’t.

Of course, you can! (Within certain limits, of course.) Be human. That is difficult enough.

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