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3 Zodiac Signs Make New Friends During Moon In Virgo, March 5 – 7, 2023

Because the Moon in Virgo is upon us, we may find that we want the events of our lives to be less dramatic and more simplistic. Three zodiac signs will make new friends during the Moon in Virgo, and their social lives will bloom.

Starting March 5 – 7, 2023, we will be more in touch with our feelings than at other times, mainly because this transit brings out a side to us that craves simplicity and for things to make sense. And when things make sense, it’s usually because we finally got ourselves to a place where we can understand those things.

This fresh new understanding works towards our self-preservation; we want to invite the good into our lives, as we’ve come to know that the ‘bad’ or the negative, dramatic, excessive stuff only gives us more of what we don’t want. We see this in our friendships; many friendships don’t last because they were built on one commonality, and after that commonality fades, so does the friendship.

This is also why today is great to make new friends, as the Virgo Moon supports newness and friendship. Because we feel refreshed in our lives, we are interested in new things; we’ve made room for our new interests and with those interests come like-minded folks.

And while this option is open for everyone, there will be three signs that will truly take in the magic of the Virgo Moon; this means new friendships, new and exciting plans, and the newness that brings inspiration. The Virgo Moon wants nothing to do with high drama or tall tales. It ignites our desire to make new, honest, loving friends.

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