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3 Zodiac Signs With Lucky In Love Horoscopes Sunday, March 5, 2023

Three zodiac signs will be the luckiest in love on March 5, 2023, and part of the reason their relationship horoscopes are on point today is the Moon in Virgo.

Whenever we think of being lucky in love, we tend to think of finding the right person or simply getting along with the person we already have. Sometimes luck isn’t about a windfall of money or some grand change in the greater scheme of things. Sometimes, luck is about simplicity.

And on this day, March 5, the kind of luck in love we’re talking about is the kind that uses practicality as its strength. Not everything is glamorous or exciting in love, and during the Moon in Virgo, we can use this practical energy as a driving force of good.

It’s nice to sit back and trust in the person we are in a romantic relationship with. No need to prove who we are and no pressure to be someone we’re not. During the Moon in Virgo, we accept things as they are because, for three zodiac signs, things are pretty dang good ‘as is.’

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We’re not expecting miracles today; we are grateful to live the day out. We have what we want, and if they are not perfect, then neither are we…and who wants perfection anyway? Perfection leaves no room for development, and the way the person who benefits most from the Moon in Virgo sees it, “all is well in my world.”

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