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There are certain synastry aspects that point to a soulmate connection, while others can be signs of potential red flags.

When two planets square off in synastry, unfortunately, that may mean there’s cause for concern. 

With Mars square Sun synastry in particular, the attraction is usually off the charts — even if it is with a tense aspect such as the square. 

Mars square Sun synastry

Mars is what fuels and ignites the passion within us. Meanwhile, the Sun teaches us about who we are and how to step into our light.

Mars square Sun has the potential to bring growth between both parties. It can be a driving force in a relationship because it brings out the competitive spirit between two people in a synastry connection.

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While the sextile and trine encourage one another to go forth and discover themselves, the Square is more abrupt and fearless.

In this dynamic, Mars will push that Sun and if the Sun feels that they are not equipped or prepared, Mars serves as an unwanted wake-up call. Both parties can root for one another without the diplomacy of the trine and sextile.

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