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Saturn moves into pisces…

A warm hello.

This is a Big Planets, Big News forecast!

The planet Saturn, a spectacular and beautiful giant of our solar system will transit Pisces from March 7th 2023 until May 2025, then it slips into Aries; Saturn returns to Pisces in Sept 2025 and finally leaves Pisces in Feb. 2026!

Saturn signifies hard work and responsibilities but always fair rewards for your efforts; it’ll open the way for some much-deserved achievements!

Saturn will bring some slow-moving situations, issues and commitments that require patient follow through.

Also, Saturn’s serious tone will call for us to review and know our priorities and goals in very practical terms.

So, how will Saturn’s transit of Pisces apply to you?

   Saturn transiting Pisces accents your 12th house: this indicates hefty family duties and drawn out family issues to sort out, there’ll also be some major domestic tasks or repairs but ultimately some very pleasing, satisfying achievements.   An old problem or ongoing challenging situation will be an exercise in staying power – perseverance will bring you out on top.   Being clear about your long-term personal, professional and domestic goals will be essential to make good decisions and stay on track.
TAURUS.   Saturn transiting Pisces in your 11th house indicates you’ll pour energy into doing special things you’ve wanted to do for a long time and going to places you really want to go.   You’ll reconnect with some old friends and associates during this transit too.   Conversely, life will take you in different directions to some friends and associates, creating a feeling of distance; to maintain these connections, you’ll need to foster new points of accord.   It will take reflective, thoughtful appraisals to clarify what you now want from life; changing desires and different priorities will bring new goals to the fore.
GEMINI.   With Saturn in Pisces transiting your 10th house – there may be a change of job or an important change on the job, job policy or a senior associate that tests your adaptability; there’ll be opportunities to prove yourself and build your reputation but it will mean working harder and taking on greater responsibility or authority.   Alternatively, your life may take a new personal direction.   Keeping your priorities and objectives to the fore will be a guiding light; knowing your limits will prevent you from biting off too much to chew.   To achieve a long-term career or financial goal, you’ll need take the long view, underpin it with solid planning, and keep on, keeping on.
CANCER.   This Saturn in Pisces transit falls here in your 9th house: the 9th house is an expansive house and it could bring travel, an interest that takes you into a different world, or changes of environment by going to different types of places or exploring a new social scene.   Alternatively or as well as, you could travel to see a loved one or they could travel to see you, there’ll be greater involvement in a long distance relationship or special plans with a distant friend or relative that require careful organisation   It will take patience to dot every ‘I’ with legal matters, contracts or official paperwork though; thoroughness will serve you.
LEO.   This Saturn in Pisces transit accents your 8th house, a money house; it points to special purchases and undertakings that bring new or growing financial commitments; it will take time and discipline to get on top of these.   There may be complex financial matters that need careful research and financial issues like tax, super or insurance to sort out – clear goals and priorities will help you make good decisions.   Conversely, there could be opportunities for overtime, a sideline, or the chance to boost your earnings careful investment or financial management – there could be some very real advances that help you get ahead!
VIRGO.   Saturn’s transit through Pisces accents your relationship zone: you could take on big plans and new commitments with your partner or a family member – pulling together for mutual goals will be hard work but it will also be bonding.   Your responsibilities with a loved one may grow – they may need more support with their plans or issues; alternatively, a change for a loved one or in your relationship will require an adjustment and re-evaluation.   Singles, a more serious tone could colour a growing relationship and deepen your commitment to each other; if you’re looking for love, there’s every chance you could find a lasting involvement.
LIBRA.   Saturn in Pisces in your 6th house accents work, health and labours of love: a change or opportunity on the job to work harder and earn extra will help you climb the ladder of success; taking on greater authority or working more independently will also showcase your efficiency and organisation.   You’ll give greater attention to your health, diet and fitness and work towards specific goals.   Keeping promises to loved ones will be hard work, they’ll tend to grow as they unfold.   You may work harder on a domestic project as well, to achieve a goal you’ve set yourself.
SCORPIO.   Saturn’s transit through Pisces accents your 5th house – you’ll take on extra commitments with your children to encourage and develop them but also to show your loving support.   A new baby, grandchild or pet may be a joyful new commitment.   A personal or creative interest that’s become a passion will grow but it will require a clear practical overview to achieve your goals with this.   Singles, it will take work to sort out the logistics of a growing romantic involvement – when you can see each other, what you share in common and how best to develop the connections between you.
SAGITTARIUS.   Saturn transiting Pisces falls here in your 4th house: home, family and property matters are emphasised.   You could take on extra family responsibilities, there may be a new family member to welcome into the fold, a big family or domestic project could be hard work and family members will need extra financial, emotional and practical support.   In the everydayness, you could spend more on your home and family and may even attempt a few DIY tasks.   Property matters – buying, selling, renovating, repairing and the finances involved will require careful research and planning.
CAPRICORN.   Saturn’s transit through Pisces accents your 3rd house: you’ll embrace some ambitious projects during this transit and your ‘hands on’ involvement will bring a practical learning curve; also, you’ll learn a lot through seminars, study/research, listening to a mentor and new experiences.   You may go back to a place you had a connection with in the past or put a lot of effort into cultivating relations with a relative a little too far away.   Communication is featured as well: there’ll be occasions when you need to work hard to bridge differences with others or understand someone, there’ll be situations and tasks that challenge your communication skills too.
AQUARIUS.   Saturn’s transit of Pisces falls in the money zone for you: you’ll think about financial consolidation, how best to clear up or organise your debts or any loose ends and set your course for the future; it will require some big decisions along the way, you’ll also need to keep a budget overview and work to your plan, to achieve what you’re aiming for.   Dealing with extra costs in the everydayness though, plus the cost of something you’ve wanted to do or buy for a long time, extra outlays on your home or a property and some very practical purchases to make life easier or more comfortable might necessitate a few financial compromises.
PISCES.   With the planet Saturn transiting your Zodiac Sign, a desire for greater security will come to the fore; you’ll do your best to bring your life, finances and commitments under control.   You may have some big or many personal responsibilities though, while a strong sense of duty will fortify your commitments to others – you’ll be keen to ‘be there’ for them in every way.   A slow-moving property undertaking or domestic project will test your determination.   Also, there’ll be personal situations where you need to keep your emotional self in check and think very practically; doing this will help you keep a much clearer perspective and make advantageous decisions.

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