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The Full Worm Moon In Virgo — The Hoodwitch

Astrology by Lisa Stardust

March 7 brings the Full Worm Moon in Virgo at 4:40 AM PST and 7:40 AM EST. This is a time of reflection, discernment, and analysis as we make sense of the events that have rocked our world in the past 30 days in the best and worst ways. 

The Full Moon aspects action planet Mars and “Great Awakener” Uranus, as it brings important information and insights to light, asking us to take note of the productivity and progress that’s been achieved in our lives since the New Moon of September 6, 2021 (the Virgo New Moon peaked at the same degrees as this Virgo Full Moon).

For some this could bring a chaotic end to events, asking us to use our intelligence and pragmatism as a way to get out of sticky situations. Responsibility and accountability are key at this moment. In order to evolve with the cosmos, we have to take ownership of our actions and make conscious decisions about what we want to achieve in the future — the more specific, the better. To do this, we’ll have to have a clear mind and focus on what we can do to accomplish our intentions. Luckily, a cleansing can help us achieve our objectives by giving us a straight line toward our goals. 

Less than an hour later, Saturn moves into Pisces, starting a new 2.5-year cycle around growth. Therefore, it’s essential for us all to make the right choices that support a new path forward, full of hope and positive transformation. 

What Rituals Should You Do During The Full Moon?

A cleansing ritual is a perfect way to harness the power of the Virgo Full Moon.


Use the petals of 5 white flower

A few pieces of Cascarilla 

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