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3 Zodiac Signs Who Feel Unworthy Of Love

Love is the most powerful force in the world. No one can deny it. Even those who say they don’t need love secretly crave it in the deepest pocket of their soul. They just don’t want to be disappointed.

Unfortunately, the world is more like a wild west with all kinds of people in it. Some of whom are extremely nice, kind, generous, and loving, and others who are not so much.

And when we interact with the latter kind, it’s easy to take their harsh words and behaviors personally — more so if one is a sensitive soul.

The following zodiac signs are just that: sensitive souls who feel unworthy of love because of their innate zodiac personality.

It doesn’t mean they are actually unworthy of love. But it does mean these zodiac signs have a longer path to self-acceptance than others and have to go through deeper journeys of self-reflection to overcome their feelings of unworthiness.

Zodiac signs who feel unworthy of love

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1. Cancer

When someone is born with a Cancer zodiac sign, they typically are very home-oriented and loving. They have soft and sensitive hearts and love to surround themselves with the people they know and love.

But this is also the reason why Cancers can sometimes feel as if they are unworthy of love.

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