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Cosmic Astrology Horoscope | March 6-12 — Starcana Intuitive Life Guidance

A powerful light is shining down upon our path with the wholesome Virgo Full Moon on Tuesday March 7. Something that has been hidden, is uncovered. A secret is revealed. New Moon intentions peak. To create a bit of order with our sensitivities, we may find ourselves looking deeper into a situation, analyzing a relationship or perhaps observing our own quality of being. This intense search can help to create a fresh sense of awareness, new concern, mindfulness or maybe even a conscience. 

As certain aspects come to light, we can raise frequency to get ourselves ‘un-stuck’. Let go of what isn’t ours to fix or control. Release what feels contaminated, chaotic or directionless. If we choose to overlook our own participation (or lack of), we may be consumed with hypersensitivity, nervousness, anxiety or sleeplessness. For growth, utilize the successful Sun/Uranus sextile on Monday March 6, with the demonstrative Venus/Mars sextile and brainstorming Mercury/Uranus sexile on Saturday March 11.

It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see. Henry David Thoreau

A big shift also kicks in on Tuesday, as Saturn (limitations, responsibilities, strength) will exit from liberating Aquarius (since 2020); and move into the divine realm of mystical Pisces during the next three years. With Saturn in Pisces, it will be time to get serious about cleaning the slate (once and for all)… to make our hopes and dreams a reality… and to experience a new appreciation for peace, quiet and stillness.

Saturn is going to test our ability to forgive, to release, to accept our current reality and to flow forward – to help strengthen our own personal and professional boundaries. As we practice emptiness through mindfulness; we’ll be creating quality space to explore our creativity, writings, music, art, poetry, meditation, crafts, romance and healing.

He who loves, understands. Kabir

If we avoid the magick in strengthening our own inner softness; we could get lost in the darkness of indecisiveness, living in the past, self-deceit, addictions and/or drown in a sea of hopelessness. But it’s in the dark, where can see the light again. This is a place where we can become aware of our attachments, and where suffering became a result of delusion or self-sabotage. 

What if everything that we’ve gone through, was just a dream… just our imagination, or just a misunderstanding. How would that change things for you? If we could completely empty and wipe everything clean… we just might learn how to reconnect with others – and ourselves – through a new understanding, spiritual development, honoring the sacred again, while transcending into oneness and wholesomeness. May each of us be cleansed and renewed in the oceanic waters of love and compassion.

My dark days made me strong. Or maybe I was already strong, and they made me prove it. Emery Lord.

Weekly tarot message: Abandon indifference. [StrengthRx/Tower]. For more insight, check out your tarot card in the March 2023 Tarotscope, and subscribe to my weekly cosmic writings. Much love. ~Suzi

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