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Sweets Dreams are Made of This

When Saturn enters Pisces on March 7th, it’s time to get serious about your castles in the sky. Saturn, the planet of commitment, boundaries, and discipline, will remain in Pisces until May 24th, 2025. Over these next few years, our cosmic architect will help you build a sturdy scaffold for your dreams, but you’ll need to put the hours in. You’ll have to commit. And to potentially shape-shift between different vessels before you find the right container for your creative multitudes. To make the most of Saturn in Pisces, the recipe is as beautifully simple as ever: time + commitment = life-long rewards.

A Softer Side of Saturn

Saturn surfing the mutable waters of Pisces is a completely different kettle of fish than Saturn in Aquarius, the air sign where it has lodged for the past three years. Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius, which means its boundaries and rules came unadulterated. In fact, Saturn has been in one of its home signs — Capricorn and Aquarius — since 2017. Saturn will feel gentler in Pisces, its walls spongier and receptive to the changing tides. For this reason alone, Saturn’s sign shift on March 7th  is a reason to celebrate. 

The loneliness, restriction, and alienation that Saturn can bring have felt all too real in recent years. From the lockdowns of a global pandemic to the crushing realities of climate crisis, humanity has been thoroughly tested. It has felt like an endless winter of our discontent, but we have learned to bear our burdens. To cherish the people, projects, and places that are with us through the fallow times as well as seasons of plenty. 

Your Saturn in Pisces horoscopes are meant to be read as inspiration. If you know both your rising sign and Sun sign, please read both horoscopes. You’ll know which one resonates for you. Take what works and leave the rest. If you’d like to share this work, please credit the source and provide a link to this post or our website. Thank you for your support and for spreading this work around. We really appreciate it — and you.

The following horoscopes were written by Stephanie Warner.

Aries & Aries Rising

As Saturn enters Pisces, an initiation into your life’s most liminal realms begins. It’s time to tend to your inner gardens — your bat-caves, incubators, and all places of retreat. Whether it’s a process of healing, a journey learning the language of your dreams, or a project that needs germination in total secrecy, start carving out your alone time now. 

Book that artist’s retreat. Dare to spend a day away from your phone. Pull up your castle drawbridge. Saturn will give you time to work out the logistics of your vanishing act, so start with small shifts in your habits. An hour before work each morning to meditate, for example. 

You can also honor this profound change by sprucing up that corner of the world that’s all your own. Whether it’s sound-proofing your walls, or building a grotto of salt lamps, make this space as sacred — and self-contained — as possible. Within this sanctum you can start to ask the hard questions about the habits that wear you down. 

If we spend almost half our lives sleeping, this part of our lives should be taken just as seriously as any other. Run your tightest nocturnal ship yet by setting alarms, turning off notifications, and controlling your late night screen time. Establishing a series of evening rituals will help signal to your body that it’s time to wind down — so keep your chamomile tea jar stocked and stick to a regular bedtime. Saturn will reward you with the deepest sleep you’ve ever had.

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Taurus glyph for the horoscopes for Mars in Aries

Taurus & Taurus Rising

As Saturn enters Pisces, a profound sea-change is in store for your communities, networks, and all of the hopes and dreams that bind you to your cohort. Waves of change will be sweeping through your social circles in the coming three years, with certain friendships anchoring even more deeply and others drifting away. 

Saturn plays a long game, fortunately. You will have ample time to sort through the collective endeavors or friendships that feel right in your bones: the ones truly worthy of your time, energy, and emotional labor. Start taking inventory now. The comrades that inspire your creative potential get the VIP pass. 

On the flip side, you’ll need to shore up your boundaries — especially if energetic leakages have crept in in the past.. Be honest with yourself about the collective endeavors that drain your cup. If it looks and smells like a pyramid scheme, it probably is. Reasoned judgment is one of Saturn’s gifts — be discerning. 

Still, Over the coming years, you’ll be getting serious about everything you can build on a collective scale. Whether it’s finally shooting your first art house film, or establishing a weekly crafting hour with your pals, now is the time when you truly get by with a little help from your friends.

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Gemini & Gemini Rising

As Saturn enters Pisces, you’ll be ready to make serious waves in your professional realm. Whether you’ve worked hard these past years to become an expert in your field, or received downloads about the mark you’re meant to leave on the world, it’s time to distill your wisdom into a collective offering. 

Saturn’s gift is time, so you’ll have space to feel your way into these career slipstreams. The clearer you can visualize your ideal vocation, the more likely you will be to recognize the experts, mentors, and further training that can get you there. So break out the scissors and glue, and dream-board your dream role. 

If you’re someone with a plethora of talents and side-hustles, start to build a container — or dream up a brand — that will hold them all. Dare to put mystic, barber, and death doula on one business card. 

As your star rises, Saturn can bring increased responsibilities. Transitioning into a position of greater visibility can be daunting, but you don’t have to go it alone.  Reach out to a career coach, therapist, or trusted friend, as you surf these waves. They can hold space for you as your public persona shapeshifts into new forms.

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Collage for Venus in Taurus

Cancer & Cancer Rising

As Saturn enters Pisces, so begins an epic journey of the mind. It’s time to renew your library card, splurge on that ancient book of spells, or strategize the contours of your next five years. 

If your capacity for wonder has been side-lined in recent years, make it your mission to seek out the teachings, tomes, and courses that inspire you. Just make sure you clarify what it is you’re seeking before setting out — even if that shifts with the tides. 

You may have to surf multiple schools of thought, before finding the topic for your thesis. This is Saturn in Pisces, after all — surrender is part of the curriculum. So as much as structure and discipline will be your friends in your adventures and long-term plans, there may be times when you need to loosen your grasp on the process and let the waves carry you to deeper mysteries.

A strategy of doable, everyday goals is important at this time if you’re taking on something as monumental as a manuscript, college program, or period of spiritual initiation. If a task feels daunting, break it up as much as you can and celebrate the small wins.

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Leo glyph

Leo & Leo Rising

As Saturn enters Pisces, you’ll be plunged into the deepest depths of pooling your resources or energy with another. Within the experience of sharing and merging, a masterclass in vulnerability unfolds — as well as boundaries.  In the mutable water sign of Pisces, our walls can become porous. It’s all too easy to become engulfed by the needs of another — especially if you have history — so remember to check in with your own sense of fulfillment too. 

Though a two person kayak can gather some serious speed, the realities of co-paddling can be awkward. It takes time to get a rhythm going in any collaboration. Saturn will help you to create the systems, escape clauses, and repayment plans that will anchor all of your mergers. 

You’ll also be asked to show up to the realities of collaboration, which means trust. And boatloads of flexibility. Allow your intuition’s compass to lead when things feel choppy. Go within before signing on the dotted line.

Over the next few years, you may have to walk away from entanglements where there’s no flow, only still water. The collaborations that have staying power will always feel safe — with the ability to bend like kelp in the waves.

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Virgo glyph

Virgo & Virgo Rising

As Saturn enters Pisces, a profound sea-change is in store within your 1:1 dynamics. It’s no longer enough to cruise along on autopilot in your closest relationships: you want real commitment, real stakes — even the bickering over the grocery bill.  

Prioritize your most profound connections simply by showing up. From weekly brunch days, to scheduled emotional check-ins with your bestie or true blue, consistency is what’s needed now. 

Whether it’s a mentor, a business partner, your beloved, or your bestie — the bonds you forge with others take on new gravity. Tackling something challenging together, like adopting a rescue pet, or starting a business, will bind you even closer together to your person. In fact, you can honor this moment by renewing your vows. 

And no, friendship bracelets never go out of style.

Finally, if you’re still struggling to articulate your deepest needs in partnership — your love language, your attachment style, your red and green lights — consider enlisting a therapist or your wisest friend to help guide you through the maze. At the very least, they can give you permission to put down some of your heaviest burdens.

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Libra glyph

Libra & Libra Rising

As Saturn enters Pisces, it’s time to embrace a total system overhaul in your working world. Cosmos’ architect will demand that your systems are weather-proofed, fool-proofed, and every-possible-contingency-proofed. 

As you plunge deep into the boiler room of your nine-to-five, you might realize it’s time to jump ship altogether — or at least course-correct. If your position is grinding you down, it’s time to use the imaginative powers of this transit to visualize the role that encompasses your boundless creativity. Mesmerizing flow-states are possible now in your toil, but first you have to find a job that inspires you.

You’ll be encouraged to think beyond sunk costs in the coming three years. To walk away from the kind of burnout cycle that makes seeing the bigger picture impossible. Your intuition is your best working ally now, so schedule time in your day to go within. Starting and ending your work day with a body scan could bring crucial intel. 

Finally, if you’ve fallen into a habit of working on fumes, or regularly pushing your body beyond capacity, Saturn will help you find more sustainable paths forward. Our bodies all have ways to make their needs known, but it’s up to you to decode its distress signals.

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Scorpio glyph

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

As Saturn enters Pisces, you’ll be plunged into a whole new world of Scorpions just wanting to have fun — but with a water-tight plan too. 

Discipline and delight might sound like contradictory terms, but Saturn will be teaching you to bring more intention to your indulgence. To hedge your hedonistic impulses and dive in only when you’re absolutely committed. 

The planet of time can remind us of our own mortality — but this might be exactly the astringent tonic you need to set off life’s honey. When we understand how fleeting life’s pleasures can be, it frees us to sink even more deeply into the moment — so take what’s lovely alongside its eventual loss. Let it help you appreciate the sweet things even more fully. 

Bliss and inspiration often strike when we least suspect it, but it doesn’t hurt to set the stage either. To woo the muses a little with candles and a specially-curated playlist. Whether it’s taking your artistic flair into the world of tattooing or birthing your pastry recipes into the world, now is the time to make your mark as a creator — but you’ll have to put the hours in. 

Saturn favors formal training as well, so this might be a time you sign up for a class, a workshop, or a series of photography lessons. On a more practical level, just blocking out regular time for mischief and art attacks will signal to the universe that you’re serious about filling your cup.

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Sagittarius glyph

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

As Saturn enters Pisces, you’ll be taking very seriously the question of where to hang your archer’s bow. Even if you’re a freewheeling centaur with many different ports of call, the next three years will ask you to consolidate your anchorage. To get serious about the people, places, or ancestral practices that help you feel rooted. 

Or to cultivate a feeling of home deep within yourself — an inner sanctum that never erodes, no matter the waves of change that strike it. 

Whether home is the ritual of stacking stones on a foreign beach, or an inner circle of friends that has your back no matter what, the next few years will ask you to establish these coordinates of belonging. Whatever family means to you, it’s time to make these bonds sacred. Put in the effort that reinforces them. 

Instead of vaguely making plans to call your grandparent, pick up the phone today. The elders, crones, and ancestors in your orbit have much to teach you about the magic and mystery of your ancestral matrix. 

And remember: boundaries are the key to future domestic bliss. Saying no to a chosen family member is never easy, but it’s an act of love in the long game. Emotional safety first is Saturn’s way, after all.

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Capricorn glyph

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

As Saturn enters Pisces, your words, ways of thinking, and your most inspiring ideas will be making serious waves. From learning to code to debuting a new email newsletter, you’ll be laying the structures to anchor your life of the mind. The more that you trust that your perspective has value, the more likely your transmissions are to find their loyal fanbase. 

It’s easy for the currents of inspiration to pass through the sieve of the day — but now is the perfect moment to start that morning pages ritual or to to audio memo the ideas as they strike. If you’re already swimming in a sea of gathered data, establish the filing systems that will transform your intel into an enduring archive. Launch the podcast or TikTok account that will hold your mental multitudes. 

Saturn’s masterclass in Pisces will bring more structure to the flow of your day-to-day life too. A daily tarot card draw, or the ritual of rising with the Sun every morning, can help bring more meaning to the ways you appreciate the present moment. 

Alongside a more disciplined approach to writing and thinking, it’s time to refresh your altars, clean out your incense holder, and make your devotion to divinity or your higher self a part of your everyday life.

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Aquarius glyph

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

As Saturn enters Pisces, a masterclass in your financial world begins. It’s time to switch out your rose-colored specs for a magnifying glass and ensure that the math is mathing. Your collection of emotional support online subscriptions — clear the decks. 

You’ll also be learning to trust your gut when casting your financial nets. A willingness to adapt and shape-shift to new information may be part of this initiation. In the coming years, a creative talent could be spun into gold too — if you put in the alchemical work. 

That said, you don’t have to go it alone: invest in the money witches, coaches, and advisors that can pinpoint your monetary leaks. 

Saturn will also help you develop the systems, structures, and money hacks that will provide a powerful container for your abundance for years to come. Whether this means working with an intricate spreadsheet, or squirreling away your tips in a mason jar, embrace more structure in how you manage your cash flow.  

Finally, a daily gratitude ritual will please Saturn to no end. Start fostering faith in the abundance that’s flowing toward you as surely as the tides.

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Pisces glyph for horoscopes

Pisces & Pisces Rising

Over the next few years, Saturn in Pisces will help sculpt your identity into enduring new forms. Your passion projects and personal goals will begin to crystallize — if you’re willing to shape-shift and let your intuition take the wheel. 

Saturn asks us to simply show up and put in the time. That means investing energy in yourself: the dreams, pet causes, and activism that make every cell of your body sing. From inking your life’s mythology onto your skin, to pursuing the creative initiative that has your heart, Saturn wants you to take your passions seriously. 

If you’re lucky enough to already know what your “thing” is, then it’s time to actually carve out the space and plunge deep. The people truly in your corner will be cheering on your every splash. 

The more structure you can bring to finding yourself, the safer you’ll feel in this jellyfish state as You 2.0 starts to gel. Whether it’s a container of therapy sessions, or a wall map of progress charting your goals, a more disciplined approach will actually feel liberating.

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