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Zoe Moon’s DAILY ASTROLOGY March 7th


Happy Full Moon in Virgo and Happy Saturn exiting Aquarius and entering Pisces day! What a combo!!! First off, we have reached our yearly pinnacle with work, health and animals, as well as with co-workers, hired help and paperwork, as this Full Moon perfected at 7:40am Eastern. So, if you haven’t already, you can wrap up what you’ve been doing, mark an end to something that has been going on, achieve your goals about it, or celebrate where you are in the story. At 8:35am Saturn enters Pisces, last here between 1993-1996, (May and June 1993 and then again end of Jan 1994-April 1996 to be exact). Saturn will now tour Pisces until Feb 14, 2026, dipping out of the sign for 3 months in the summer of 2025 but then coming back, so we have just shy of 3 years with this new influence. Here’s the good and the bad: secrets will not stay secret, deceptions will come to light, if we have addictions, bad habits or bouts with depression they may get more serious and force us to face them and seek help or succumb with more serious consequences (so please seek help), there will be more rules and regulations or authority figures influencing institutions, we may have more issues with our feet, bones, teeth, skin, joints, or back that require attention, our artistic, spiritual and romantic ideals will be tested, and karmic matters will come full circle. On the upside we will find new ways to structure and support our film, music, painting, poetry, dance, or other muse-driven inspirations, we will get serious about what we want and are ready to commit to romantically-ending the more frivolous in exchange for the enduring, we will master some new level of proficiency when it comes to our dreams and what we will now do to make them a reality, the universe will match us step for step, brick by brick with what we build artistically, romantically, spiritually, or with our research or institutions, when we seek help for addictions, bad habits or depression we should find solid ways forward that help us over time, the secrets or deceptions that come up, although painful at the time will help us break karmic chains, we will officially mark the end of a 29 year story over these next 3 years, one that began back in the spring of 1996 with Saturn in Aries as he has now toured the entire zodiac since then, and we may get some resolution with where we are on our journey here on Earth as it relates to those who have crossed over via signs, dreams, messages, and closure of sorts. So, here we go. PRAYER TODAY is ‘May we embrace all that is brought our way on this new journey with Saturn in Pisces.’

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