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Astrology of Pluto & Your Home Life


​Pluto is the planet of transformation in astrology, and is passionate, intense, and unrelenting. When impacting your home and family life, this energy is brought to matters of the home and family.

How Natal Pluto Impacts Your Home & Family Life

For some, Pluto can have a strong influence on your home and family life via your natal chart. This can be the case if you have:

– Pluto in the 4th house (ruling the home and family; note that family can mean actual relations as well as those you think of as family)
– Scorpio 4th house/Imum Coeli (so Pluto rules the 4th house) or 4th house ruler
– Pluto conjunct (aligned with) the natal Moon (planetary ruler of the home & family) or the 4h house ruler
– Pluto conjunct the 10th house cusp/Midheaven (the 10th house cusp/Midheaven is on an axis with the 4th house cusp/Imum Coeli so Pluto would be directly opposing)

When natal Pluto has a strong influence on your home and family life in your natal chart, you can be someone who experiences massive Pluto energy with the home and family. In your younger years, your family may have been besieged by drama, a bit chaotic and unstable, and there may have even been violence in the home (since Pluto is a war ruler).

There may have been lots of fighting over power and control (ruled by Pluto), whether it was you fighting with others in the home, or others in the home fighting with each other. There is often some major trauma and emotional baggage associated with a strong natal Pluto influencing the home and family life.

A transformation is usually required of you, and at some point, the meaning of what your home is and looks like and what family is and looks like for you changes. This tends to come after profound healing and getting into your depths.

Now, it doesn’t always have to mean bad. Some other manifestations of a strong Pluto influencing your home and family life can be living in areas that are in need of rehabilitation, or having your family do rehab work in your communities (or even be in real estate, especially as flippers). There can be a draw to living in places in need of help and trying to transform them into something better. 

This can also be with actual people, and you may have had many people living in your home that your family was helping out, whether they be down-on-their luck relatives or something like your parents were foster parents so there were lots of foster kids in and out.

Your home and family likely have an outsized influence on your core as a person, and there is likely a relative that is viewed as being very Pluto-like (super strong, willful, defiant, a formidable creator, who has come back from defeat). 

How Transit Pluto Impacts Your Home & Family Life

Transit (moving) Pluto can also bring strong Pluto energy to your home and family life, but this is temporary (whereas with natal Pluto, it’s your entire life). With transit Pluto, it’s only going to be for the period of time the transit is in effect, however since Pluto rules big transformation, the effect may be lasting for some time. 

Transit Pluto can influence your home and family life when it’s:
– in your natal 4th house
– aspecting your natal 4th house cusp/Imum Coeli, natal 4th house ruler, or natal Moon

Transit Pluto touring your natal 4th house can be similar to natal Pluto in the 4th house, and does last for 1-2 decades, so you get it for a while. It can be less trauma-focused though, depending on how old you are when it starts and how much work you’ve done on yourself by then.

If you’ve already worked on old trauma, empowered yourself, taken control, and faced down demons, then transit Pluto in the natal 4th house can help you get more power and control over your home and family life. You may decide to move, especially somewhere up-and-coming, or get into real estate investing, or do some renovating where you live. You may take on a more matriarchal position in your family or with your support group.

If you haven’t worked on old trauma, still feel weakened and chaotic, then transit Pluto in the natal 4th house can stir up uncomfortable emotions, old memories, and create emotional upheaval. There can be chaos at home or with family as a result. A major transformation needs to be made, and you have to do the hard work to satisfy Pluto.

When it comes to transit Pluto aspects, these last for about 3 years. Beneficial aspects (sextiles and trines) can help you smooth things out at home and with family, and you can feel great in your dealings with them. 

Challenging aspects (conjunctions, squares, and oppositions) can be the reverse, and you may struggle with old wounds, baggage, and intense emotions until you work through the issues and transform (but if you’ve already worked through the issues and transformed, then the challenging aspects can actually help give you even more power and control).

Will Pluto in Aquarius Impact My Home & Family Life?

Pluto is moving into Aquarius, so a whole new set of people can get affected by this transit when it comes to your home and family life. This can include you if you have:

– natal 4th house/Imum Coeli in Aquarius (Pluto will transit)
– natal 4th house ruler or natal Moon in Aquarius (Pluto will conjunct)
– natal 4th house cusp/Imum Coeli or natal 4th house ruler or natal Moon in Taurus, Leo, or Scorpio (Pluto will square or oppose)

These are the challenging positions for Pluto in Aquarius, so it’s important you evaluate your home and family life, assess which issues you have worked through and which you haven’t, and get started right away doing the work. If you work with Pluto, this can go well, and you can get more control.

If any of these positions are instead in Aries, Gemini, Libra, or Sagittarius, Pluto in Aquarius will make beneficial aspects, and you can get a shot of helpful energy and feel more empowered with your home and family dealings.

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