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How Lilith In Leo Negatively Affects 3 Zodiac Sign Horoscopes On March 8, 2023

On March 8, 2023, three zodiac signs may feel the negative effects of Lilith in Leo on their horoscopes more than others. If you feel conflicted today, there’s a good reason. The cosmic layout has put together certain aspects that arouse in us both the need to break free and the strong desire to have it our way, implying that we will want to control things we cannot control. This is because we have the exciting transit of ‘Lilith in Leo‘ in our cosmic midsts.

During this transit, we are at odds with our desires; we want this, but we don’t want that, and as the day progresses, we feel more and more desperate to choose what we really want. The last thing we want during Black Moon Lilith in Leo is to be controlled or told what to do. Unfortunately, this coincides with our need for guidance.

If we can’t take the opinion or advice of another, simply because we are not open to this kind of guidance, then we won’t be able to progress with what we DO want, and in the long run, we only end up hurting ourselves. Our ego is truly in the way today, and the only person we end up hurting is numero uno.

During Lilith in Leo, three zodiac signs may go so far as to prompt reactions from people to see if they’ll jump. We don’t know what we will do with them once they jump, but we are happy to see that we can scare them into action. That doesn’t feel good, however.

We are antagonistic today; rebels without a cause. In love and romance, we tend to make our partners feel bad or inadequate, and the real problem here is that, for certain signs, we can’t stop once we start. Not good.

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