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How To Manifest Using Your Mars Sign

In astrology, Mars is the planet associated with actions, drives, and how we approach things. To understand how you can best manifest the life you desire, it is important to look at the sign your Mars is in.

As astrology TikTok creator @astro.daddy explains, “Mars is the planet that rules over how we take action, which most of the time is exactly what we need to know to manifest.”

There are many different manifestation techniques that can help you put the Law of Attraction into action. When coupled with the energy of your Mars sign, your manifestations are even more likely to come true.

“The more action you take towards your manifestations, the better, @astro.daddy continues. “I’m not asking you to chase them, I’m asking you to take action. The more action you take the more you attract them.”

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How to manifest using your Mars sign

To find your Mars sign, enter your birth day, time, and place into a free birth chart calculator. By knowing the sign your Mars is in you can tailor your actions involving manifesting that suit your personality and energies.

Mars in Aries

You are ambitious but impatient, and very determined. The key is to get a grip on your own impatience, write down your goals and approach them one at a time. Physical activities such as walking, running or anything else may help clear your mind in the thinking process. Your solid determination can lead to manifestations coming true — and don’t take no for an answer.

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